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Long Beach Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

While most wouldn’t consider slipping and falling a hazard under most conditions, serious medical consequences can result, immediately and long-term, from these incidents. For those who have undergone this trauma because of unsafe conditions due to another irresponsibility, a slip and fall lawyer may be a necessity in order to help pay for medical bills as well as potential work leave.

According to the CDC, more than 15 percent of all work related injuries are from slipping and falling; in fact, each year, more than 17,000 individuals die as a result of this trauma, and the amount of people who suffer from severe injuries from falling are even higher. In order to ensure that those who are responsible for these unsafe conditions are held accountable, hiring a Long Beach slip and fall accident lawyer is a necessity.

<h2>Who is Liable?</h2>

In order to determine who is liable for the slip and fall incident, there are a few necessary pieces of information that should be considered. For a slip and fall on another’s property, at least one of these conditions must be true in order for them to be liable:

<li>The owner, or employees, of the property were aware of the spill or unsafe conditions and did nothing to fix it.</li>
<li>The owner, or employees, of the property caused the spill or unsafe condition.</li>
<li>The owner, or employees, as “reasonable” parties, should have known about and remedied the poor walking conditions or spill on the property.</li>

If any of the above conditions is able to be proven in a court, one is entitled to compensation of some form. Because the third condition is more loosely defined, it is often up to the judge’s discretion.

<h2>Determining Whether the Owner or Employees are “Reasonable” Parties</h2>

Because this is the most loosely defined portion of all, it is harder to determine whether the owner is liable. However, there are a few ways to determine this:

<li>Did poor lighting contribute to the incident?</li>
<li>How long was the unsafe condition there?</li>
<li>Does the property have regular maintenance and cleaning?</li>
<li>For Objects: was there a reasonable purpose for the object being there?</li>
<li>For Objects: could the object have been moved?</li>
<li>For Objects: is there a barrier that could have been put in place to prevent the incident?</li>

All of these factors can contribute to whether the owner and employees of the given property are liable for damages that result from a slip and fall incident. Because of the potential damages that can arrive from a traumatic fall, it is a good idea to consult Long Beach slip and fall accident lawyers in order to ensure good results.

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