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Fountain Valley Bus Accident Lawyers

As with other residents of southern California, many of those living in Fountain Valley are reliant on the city’s bus network to transport them throughout their daily routines. Riding a bus puts an individual’s safety in the hands of the bus driver and his or her company, and California Civil Code §2100 demands that common carriers such as bus agencies must exercise reasonable diligence in maintaining the safety of passengers who are being transported for profit.

When a driver or company fails the demands of reasonable diligence, lives can be put at risk and serious injury or worse can occur. Being in a mass-transit vehicle where many occupants are sitting without belts and others are standing creates an environment whose dangers can outweigh those found in regular vehicles. It’s not uncommon for a bus accident to inflict injuries that massively impact the victims’ quality of life. Those who suffer from such disasters should take advantage of the opportunity to contact a Fountain Valley bus accident lawyer in order to hold the negligent company responsible and reclaim the damages to which they are entitled.
<h4>Checking Bus Driver History</h4>In the event of an accident, a readily apparent suspect for liability is the bus driver. With this in mind, a Fountain Valley bus accident lawyer will take measures to examine the driving record of the driver involved. If a bus driver’s record shows prior accidents or a DUI, the bus company itself can come under scrutiny for agreeing to keep the driver employed.
<h4>Examining Mechanical Integrity</h4>Accidents involving buses are often the fault of poor upkeep given to an enormous vehicle that sees a large amount of daily traffic. Lawyers will request thorough examinations of the evidence to determine whether the crash was the result of a shoddy maintenance job. Defective parts can occur as well, and these are often undiscovered until the first related disaster takes place. At times, however, an unscrupulous bus company may ignore compliance with a recall and create a potentially horrific situation through such negligence.
<h4>Finding Justice for the Injured</h4>Bus accident victims in California have an especially short six-month statute of limitations to observe when considering filing a claim. Any individual hurt in a public bus crash should contact a reputable Fountain Valley bus accident lawyer immediately. A client can benefit from the knowledge of a skilled legal professional who knows when a settlement offer simply isn’t enough to meet the victim’s needs.

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