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Citrus Heights Bus Accident Lawyers

Citrus Heights Bus Accident Lawyers can fully explore bus accident cases, determining who is at fault, researching driver records and reviewing witness accounts. A claim filed with the offending party, such as the driver, the bus company or the bus manufacturer, can result in monetary compensation to cover anything from lost wages to medical bills. Those injured in bus accidents in Citrus Heights shouldn’t tackle the legal system or insurance system on their own. Instead, they should rely on a qualified expert.

<strong>Keeping Passengers Safe</strong>

Bus companies and drivers have a certain duty, as stated by common carrier law, to provide “care and diligence” to their passengers. As such, they have a responsibility to keep their passengers safe while riding the vehicle, whether that involves students going to school or adults on their way to work. When this trust is breached and an accident occurs that results in injury or death, Citrus Heights Bus Accident Lawyers can step in and help. Injury can occur as the result of being a passenger on the bus but people can also get into accidents with buses as drivers in other cars or as pedestrians trying to cross the street.

<strong>What Your Attorney Can Do</strong>

When you seek the help of Citrus Heights Bus Accident Lawyers, you trust that they can get you the compensation you need to cover yourself in terms of rising hospital bills, along with punitive damages and even pain and suffering. If you have to take time off due to the injury, the lost wages you suffer must be replaced in some way. That’s where a claim comes in to get you the settlement or award you need to compensate for your troubles. Relying only on trusted, experienced, qualified representation means you don’t have to worry about the hassle of filing claims against large bus companies or battle the insurance firms. The attorney handles all details and follows it through to fruition.

<strong>Accident Factors</strong>

Many factors come into play when passengers are injured in a bus accident. It could be due to driver negligence, impairment or distraction. You shouldn’t have to pay because a bus driver was texting and driving while entrusted with your care. Overcrowding on buses can lead to standing passengers, which can lead to injury in the event of an accident. Failure to perform the proper maintenance work or regular inspections on the bus can also lead to unnecessary accidents. Citrus Heights Bus Accident Lawyers are trained to explore the cause of the bus accident and determine the fault of the guilty party. It is their job to research the accident, identify claims and file those claims to cover your damages, from lost income to pain and suffering to physical therapy bills.

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