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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Citrus Heights Personal Injury Lawyers

Citrus Heights residents live their lives daily without giving much thought to becoming a victim of personal injury. Injuries occurring daily range from minor bruises, burns or cuts to unexpected death. The Epidemiology and Prevention for Injury Control branch of the California Department of Public Health reports that injury remains the most common cause of disability or death among people in the state aged one to 44. Data gathered throughout the state indicate that injuries cause:

* More than 15,000 deaths annually
* More than 75,000 cases of permanent disability
* More than 300,000 hospitalizations
* The need for medical intervention in one out of every four cases

Situations that cause personal injury cover a wide selection of topics that include:

* Asbestos/mesothelioma cases
* Defective products, medicines or medical products
* Medical malpractice
* Motor vehicle accidents
* Property owner negligence
* Public or workplace injuries

<strong>Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer</strong>

When suffering from an injury or losing a loved one secondary to a personal injury event, individuals and families also often endure stress, physical pain and grief. Medical bills compound and insurance companies commonly become uncooperative. Personal injury attorneys remain a valuable advocate during this time. Experienced lawyers offer advice and guidance while fighting for the legal rights of clients. Obtaining legal assistance begins with a consultation.

<strong>The Consultation Process</strong>

When choosing and meeting with a personal injury attorney for the first time, the licensed professional needs to know the history of the circumstances surrounding event. Clients must provide as many details as possible concerning the case. The lawyer compiles this information and then determines whether fault lies with another party or company, and if the client should file a litigation lawsuit. A personal injury attorney has knowledge and experience with this type of law and provides victims with advice concerning an optimal course of action. The client then must make a decision based on the attorney’s expert recommendations.

<strong>Investigative and Negotiating Processes</strong>

Following the initial consultation, the lawyer commonly performs an investigation into the events or activities that created the personal injury. The attorney also commonly act as advocates for clients by negotiating with insurance companies when necessary. If the situation warrants litigation for compensation, the lawyer files the necessary paperwork, which may or may not influence the defendant to settle the case without a court trial. If the case proceeds into the courtroom, the attorney presents the case and negotiates on behalf of the client for an award.

According to California state law, victims must file a suit within six months from the date that the injury occurred. If you or a loved one suffers personal injury, consult with a Citrus Heights personal injury lawyer who will assist in navigating the complex legal process.

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