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Citrus Heights Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

For those who have been injured on another’s property in Citrus Heights due to negligence, it is necessary to hire a skilled slip and fall accident lawyer in order to ensure that one receives fair compensation, especially in the face of potential medical bills and work leave. Because, in almost all situations, property owners are required to maintain reasonable levels of safety on their premises, the damages and excessive expenses a slip and fall accident can bring are able to be compensated for through proper legal action if one can prove negligence.

According to the CDC, hundreds of thousands of people are seriously injured from falling each year. While many wouldn’t consider it, falling is the second leading accidental death cause worldwide. Because of this, one shouldn’t underestimate any fall, even if medical damage isn’t immediately apparent, as often fractures and similar injuries take time to manifest. For those who have been involved in a slip and fall incident and are considering hiring an experienced lawyer, be sure to understand how one can prove the property owner’s negligent conditions led to the fall.

<h2>Proving Negligence</h2>

There are several ways that one can prove negligence in a slip and fall incident and ensure that the property owner is liable for the damages incurred. The primary of these three methods can be found below:

<b>Awareness of Dangerous Condition</b>

If the property owner or employees on any property are aware of a potential danger within the store and do nothing about it, that company can be liable for all damages incurred. A case in which this would be true is if an employee watched a spill occur and did nothing to prevent people from walking through the area or fix the hazardous condition.

<b>Creation of Dangerous Condition</b>

If the dangerous condition is a direct result of the property owner or employees on the premises, they may be liable. For example, placing a loose, slippery item on the floor without safeguarding those who are walking in the area can lead to the business or property owner being liable.

<b>Reasonable Property Owner</b>

If the hazard, condition, or set of conditions that caused the slip and fall incident have been there for a long period of time and the owner has done nothing to remedy them, they may very well be liable to pay for damages. An example of negligence is the property owner who hasn’t fixed the light bulb in their staircase for weeks, causing a pedestrian to trip and fall.

Regardless of whether these potential factors seem to be met, it is still a great idea to consult with a Citrus Heights slip and fall accident lawyer in order to know more about what options are available, especially for those who are dealing with medical, or related, expenses from taking a fall.

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