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Mechanical Failure Due to Faulty Service

1 Aug 2017

Drivers do not wish to become involved in accidents. Most definitely, no driver wishes to cause an accident and inflict harm on him/herself or others. Accidents can be impossible to avoid in certain scenarios. When parts malfunction on a vehicle, stopping a car or operating the vehicle safety become compromised. Accidents may happen.

Among the most frustrating situations occurs when the driver discovers faulty mechanical work at a garage contributed to the accident. A poor brake job might prevent a car from stopping. Tires may come off the rims. The engine could very well stall while the car is in motion.

All three scenarios present the potential for a very serious accident. In the aftermath of the accident, someone could be liable. Liability might fall squarely on the shoulders of the garage owners and/or mechanics who performed faulty repair work. Yes, it is possible to pursue civil damages against an auto shop responsible for poor and dangerous work.

The Responsibility of the Auto Garage

The owners and employees of an auto garage must perform their tasks in a responsible and professional manner. Customers expect the mechanics to properly service a vehicle by correctly diagnosing and fixing the problem. Performing guesswork and not fixing the actual fault could be deemed negligence. So would overlooking an obvious problem that should have been clear to any trained professional.

Customers are put at great risk when faulty mechanical service leads to improper and unsafe repairs. In certain instances, a proper repair job may be performed but additional damage could be inflicted on the vehicle leading to an accident.

All these scenarios demonstrate examples of negligence. When injuries occur due to negligence, it may be possible to sue the party liable for the negligence. Retaining the best personal injury attorney available could definitely support the cause of recovering damages from the liable party.

The Disastrous Situation of Faulty Maintenance

The possibility of taking the car back to the shop for additional repairs without any hassles exists, but drivers should bank on this outcome.

Faulty maintenance comes with the potential to create very chaotic outcomes. Predicting what might occur when a crash happens is next to impossible. Imagine driving on a highway late at night and the high beams, low beams, and dash lights all mysteriously turn off. Who would want to be in a vehicle in extreme temperatures when the alternator dies?

No one knows the circumstances in which the vehicle falters, how it falters, or what happens when problems arise. The vehicle may crash into a tree, hit another car, or even hit a pedestrian. Mechanical breakdowns also put a driver at severe risk for an injury. Imagine the horrible scenario of suffering a heat stroke due to the aforementioned situation in which the car died in extreme weather.

Physical injury, property damage, pain and suffering, lost income, and more could result from a mechanical mishap. Those who do not carry or fail to carry sufficient collision insurance or personal injury protection may find themselves paying for the costs. If the possibility exists to recover damages from a garage in which faulty work was performed, speaking with an personal injury attorney should be a priority.

Deflecting Fault onto the Driver

When facing a lawsuit and a possible six-figure judgment, an auto repair shop’s proprietors will seek to deflect fault. More accurately, their lawyers attempt to put all or some of the blame for negligent behavior on the shoulders of the driver. The best personal injury lawyers know how to deal with claims made by the defendant’s counsel.

The plaintiff’s attorney will conduct a thorough examination of the facts related to the lawsuit. If the garage was at fault in any way, the circumstances surrounding faulty mechanical work can be presented in potential litigation.

personal injury attorneys could very well work on a settlement agreement with the auto repair shop. Businesses frequently carry liability insurance. Perhaps a settlement with the insurance company can be negotiated if faulty mechanical work was performed. Settlement talks with the defendant and defendant’s attorneys are possible even without insurance.

Ultimately, the injured party should not ignore incidents of poor auto repair workmanship. Instead, he/she should contact an attorney right after an accident.

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