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Why You Might Need a Bicycle Accidents Lawyer

According to the recent statistics, there are many cyclists in New York than any other part of the United States. While most of these cyclists find it a fun event, healthy recreational activity or an alternative to transport, there is a risk of death or a serious injury when bicycles attempt to share the same road with motorbikes, trucks, and cars.

Some of the most common accidents involving bicycles involve the truck or car drivers who fail to yield the same road for other cyclists to use. When drivers get distracted, they tend to give in to this situation to occur. These drivers may also be distracted by the use of mobile phones while driving or driving while intoxicated to cause such accidents. The result can be devastating when motorbikes collide with cyclists. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), over 700 deaths and more than 459 bicycle injuries occurred this past year. This also accounts for over 3 percent of all accidents stemming from motorbike and car collisions. The NHTSA also affirms that the statistics are increasing on a yearly basis for the past one decade.

Are you Looking for a Bicycle Accident Attorney
If you are involved in the bicycle car accidents, you can be sure to contact our personal injury attorneys who have specialized in the bicycle accident law in the United States. Our law firm represents clients in all parts of the United States regardless of your state of origin. Our representation provides you with a no-obligation, free initial consultation session as well as answering all the questions you will have.

Severity of Bicycle Injuries after an Accident
Bicycle cyclists who have been involved in the accident often suffer critical injuries that can threaten their lives. The severity of most accidents that stem from bicycles is because these devices are not well-protected from physical harm. Bicycle-related injuries, in addition to death, can result in injuries including:
• Spinal cord injuries: Such injuries often lead to incomplete or complete paralysis in form of tetraplegia or quadriplegia that can affect both or your limbs. They also result in impairments that require modification of your lifestyle such as the use of a wheel chair, chair and stair lifts, vans designed to transport ramps, wheelchairs and the hallways widening to accommodate the wheelchairs.
• Traumatic brain injuries: This is one of the injuries that can last from few months to several years or a lifetime. They can also change your life as well as the lives of those who live in your family. This is principal when the accident victim was the family breadwinner.
• Loss of limbs: Losing your legs and limbs can affect your life drastically. They also require you to go through a certain rehabilitation session to accept your new nature as well as how to use the new prosthetic devices. Your family as well as your quality of life will also be affected.

All these fractures, injuries, broken bones, contusions, and scrapes can result in hospital stays that amount to great medical bills to the family especially when the victim has no capability to work.

Expenses Stemming from New York Bike Accidents
In addition to the medical and hospital costs, you may suffer certain types of damages and expenses such as loss of income, rehabilitation or medical care, emotional and physical pain and suffering as well as the loss of normal life quality.
• Loss of Income: Bicycle accident victims cannot work full time after the occurrence of the injury. While supplement income can be available for them, they are a fraction of what they are used to receive.
• Future medical rehabilitation/care: putting aside the medical and hospital bills, these victims need years of rehabilitation and health care.
If you or your loved one is involved in a bicycle accident due to another driver’s negligence, our personal injury attorneys can offer you the best representation to receive the full amount of your compensation.

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