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Murrieta Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Taking a painful fall is never fun, especially when it is due to another’s negligence. Sadly, over fifteen thousand people each year die as a result of a slip and fall incident, and the amount of injuries sustained from these incidents are even higher. Anyone who has recently taken a spill due to unsafe conditions on another’s property should consult a Murrieta slip and fall accident lawyer in order to ensure that all potential medical bills and secondary expenses resulting from the incident can be taken care of.

Even for those without apparent immediate damage from their slip and fall accident should consult an attorney, as it often takes time for some medical symptoms of a bad fall to manifest. By doing this, one can protect themselves from excessive expenses and get justice before it is too late.

<h2>What is a Slip and Fall Accident</h2>

A slip and fall incident occurs when, due to negligence on the other party’s part, one slips, trips or falls on another’s property. There are a variety of different forms of property negligence that can cause a slip and fall incident to occur; one of the most common of these is a wet floor, which can reduce traction and cause one to lose balance and fall. Additionally, unnecessary or poorly placed objects on the floor can pose a tripping hazard as well.

<h2>Proving Negligence</h2>

There are a variety of different ways to prove that the property owner was negligent in a court of law. There are three primary conditions that can prove this negligence; the most verifiable of these is if the hazard was created or placed by an employee or owner of the property. An example of this is if an employee spilled a drink without drying the area or putting up a hazard sign.

Another means of proving negligence is if there was an obvious slipping or tripping hazard that the owner and employees were aware of yet did nothing about. An example of this is a missing tile on the ground for a period of time, which created an uneven walkway.

The last means of proving negligence is if the owner and employees should have known about the hazard. This can be proven if, for example, poor lighting can’t illuminate a walkway or if there is a lack of regular repair and maintenance which led to the hazard.

Because there are a variety of ways to prove negligence in the case of a dangerous fall, hiring a Murieta slip and fall accident lawyer is a prudent choice. This can help one pay for the expenses that result from medical bills, work leave as well as psychological damage that a traumatic fall can bring.

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