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Montebello Car Accident Lawyers

Nearly every person living in the state of California will go through a car accident at some point. While many of those accidents are minor fender benders that cause little damage, the accidents can be much more serious.

California has a number of laws about who can operate a motor vehicle and what they can do while driving. Anyone caught breaking those laws is at fault for any accidents they cause. Many people turn to Montebello car accident lawyers for help after someone suffering injuries due to the poor driving of another person.

Comparative Fault Rules

California is a comparative fault rule, which means that anyone can file suit against another driver even if that person is partially at fault for the accident. For example, one driver might turn directly in front of an oncoming car. Even if the court views the injured driver as partly at fault because the driver drove above the speed limit, the second driver can still sue. The court determines how much of the accident rests on each party’s shoulder and reduces the judgment. If the court finds that a driver is 20 percent responsible for the accident and awards the person $10,000, the court will take 20 percent off that sum. Montebello car accident lawyers help their clients get as much money as possible under the law.

Other Conditions

Montebello car accident lawyers must also look at any other factors relating to the accident. Bad weather, including fog and pouring rain, can impair a driver’s vision, making it difficult to see the road ahead. Other drivers cause accidents because they swerved to avoid pedestrians walking out into the middle of the road or because of animals racing across the street. The lawyer might also find that the accident occurred because of issues relating to a lack of maintenance on public streets.

Representation for Victims

Though the responsible driver will often seek representation right away, victims will sometimes wait until the last minute to find someone willing to look out for their interests. Montebello car accident lawyers assist their clients every step of the way. They will help clients during meetings with insurance companies and if the case goes forward. Some cases will eventually go to civil court.

Depending on the severity of the accident, you might find yourself facing problems that go beyond a simple trip to the repair shop or an overnight stay in the hospital. Are you prepared to go without a job for a few weeks, and could you handle it if you had nightmares about the accident for several months or even years? Thanks to Montebello car accident lawyers, you can receive compensation from a driver’s insurance company after your accident.

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