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Monterey Park Car Accident Lawyers

Millions of people around the world use their cars every day of the week, and a large number of drivers living in California depend on their vehicles. They think that they can safely drive to work or anywhere else they need to go without giving much thought to the other drivers on the road.

All it takes is one driver with a high blood alcohol concentration or a crying child in the backseat to make them think twice when they climb inside their vehicles. Distracted drivers are more likely to cause car accidents, and those distractions can take a number of different forms. Those suffering injures after an accident should consult Monterey Park car accident lawyers.

Who is At Fault?

Determining who is at fault for the accident is one of the first step that a lawyer takes. Though a car accident might seem like a cut and dry situation, there is always a chance that more than one person is responsible for the accident. A driver speeding down the road might hit another driver, who didn’t see the car coming because that person was on a cell phone. Monterey car accident lawyers often take cases where plaintiffs are partially responsible for the accidents. Working closely with the client helps the lawyer determine how much money the client deserves.

Distracted Driving

California is one of several states that recognizes distracted driving as a serious offense. Recent studies showed that texting on a cell phone is as potentially dangerous as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It slows reaction times and forces a driver to take his or her eyes off the road. California also has a few laws on the books that prevent younger drivers from transporting multiple minors in the vehicle, which the state believes will reduce the number of accidents involving younger drivers. Monterey Park car accident lawyers can assist in both cases involving younger drivers and distracted drivers.

Plaintiffs vs. Defendants

The plaintiff is the person who brings charges or claims against another person, who the court refers to as the defendant. Defendants will typically work with their insurance companies, and those companies will offer a settlement first. Working with a Monterey Park attorney ensures that the plaintiff knows which steps come next and how the case will transition from a settlement to a court case.

California gives all its residents the right to file charges after a car accident for up to two years. Though you might find that you can file after the statue of limitations passes, the court has no legal right to hear your case after that period passes. The sooner that you file, the sooner you can start working on your case. Use Monterey Park car accident lawyers to file within the specified time frame.

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