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Moreno Valley Bus Accident Lawyers

For people that live in the Moreno Valley area, taking the bus is a very common way to get to work or school. While the bus is normally one of the safest ways to get to your final destination, a bus does get involved in an accident every once in awhile. In the majority of these cases, a bus accident does not result in any injuries or fatalities. However, in some extreme situations, an accident could be bad enough where some people suffer some significant injuries. In these situations, it would almost always be wise to hire Moreno Valley bus accident lawyers as they are well experienced in helping their clients through the legal process that could follow an accident.

Analysis of the Accident
The first thing that a Moreno Valley bus accident attorney will do for you is that they will analyze the accident. Most likely, the serious bus accident will require a police report to be filled out. However, as the police are busy with so many other things, they may not have fully analyze the case. The lawyer will spend time reviewing the police report, researching driving histories of the driver, and researching the bus maintenance history to see if it complied with the city code. The attorney will also spend time interviewing the other parties involved including other passengers and witnesses.

Provide Their Opinion to You
After they have completed their analysis of the accident, the attorney will next be able to provide you with their opinion. The attorney will explain whether or not they feel that the driver or bus company was negligent and liable. If they believe that they other party was negligent, then they will be able to provide you with an estimate of how much money they believe that you are owed, based on your medical expenses, lost wages, and other factors. Based on the information provided by your attorney, you will be able to decide whether it would be worthwhile to pursue a lawsuit.

Ensure the Lawsuit is Processed Appropriately
One of the biggest challenges that people face when filing a lawsuit without the help of an attorney is that they process of getting it into the legal system is complicated and time consuming. To file a lawsuit you will need to fill out countless forms and pieces of paper and ensure that everything is submitted on time. If you make a mistake, it could lead to the lawsuit being thrown out. If you use an attorney for this process, you will be assured that everything will be done on time.

Once the lawsuit has started moving forward, the attorney can provide you with representation. This can include helping to negotiate a settlement or presenting your case in court, if it can’t be settled out of the courtroom.

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