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Moreno Valley Car Accident Lawyers

Every person operating a motor vehicle in the state of California must have a driver’s license. Like many states, California requires that drivers take a road skills test. This examination tests their knowledge behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, but the test doesn’t ensure that drivers always follow the rules of the road.

Car accidents can occur because of the distractions that a driver faces, including animals that run out into the road, a cell phone call or others in the vehicle. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and speeding can also cause accidents. Moreno Valley car accident lawyers help clients after a car accident caused by any of those things.

Investigating Driving Records

Immediately after meeting with Moreno Valley car accident lawyers, the lawyer will take down the facts about the case and research the background of the driver responsible for the accident. A good lawyer will look for any signs that the responsible party has a history of poor driving, including losing points on his or her license for hit and run incidents, speeding or reckless driving. This helps the lawyer establish a history of negligence, which can help if the case goes to trial.

Criminal Charges

Depending on the severity of the accident, the state can press criminal charges against a driver. Criminal charges can include driving under the influence, which refers to operating a motor vehicle while using any type of alcohol or drug. Some drivers face charges for driving after taking high doses of prescription drugs or using a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. Victims injured in those accidents typically do not need to accept any responsibility for the accident.

Working with Victims

Car accident victims face both emotional and physical problems after the accident. For every person who moves on and forgets about the accident within a few short days, an equal number of people have problems for a longer period of time. Some people even feel nervous or hesitant when they ride in a car or drive a car after that accident. Choosing the right lawyer is an important step in the recovery process. Moreno Valley car accident lawyers work with victims to determine how much money they need for their hospital and medical bills, but they will also help victims receive funds they can use to cope with the emotional issues that they face later.

A simple car accident can leave a lasting impact on those involved in the incident. When you or a loved one has trouble sleeping through the night and suffers from emotional pain, work with Moreno Valley car accident lawyers. You deserve the chance to take your time and recover from your injuries at your own pace, which you can easily do when you have the right attorney working with you.

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