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Moreno Valley Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Imagine yourself walking down the sidewalk and it’s a beautiful, clear day in Moreno Valley. The time is around 5pm on a Friday and you were able to take half of the day off from work. You’re headed towards the convenience store for a cold drink and the corner is bustling with traffic. You press the button for the signal to allow you to cross and wait. The signal turns green and you step into the crosswalk. Then out of nowhere, some idiot rounding the corner pummels your leg and you hit the ground. What do you do?

<strong>Call for Witnesses</strong>
Hopefully, there will be other people crossing the street and those witnesses will be your saving grace. Call one of the witnesses and have them flag down the vehicle that hit you and make that person stop. If the driver tries to get away, make sure that somebody takes down the vehicle’s license plate number in order to identify them later. Hitting a pedestrian is bad news for a driver but a hit and run is even worse. Have another witness call emergency services quickly. Whatever you do, try not to move. It could aggravate your injury and blur the situation regarding your case.

<strong>Exchange Information</strong>
When the police arrive, make sure that you and the driver exchange contact and insurance information. This will allow your insurance company to contact the driver and their insurance company and speed up your claim. This will also help our Moreno Valley Pedestrian Accident Lawyers to get the assailants side of the story. You may be in a daze but remember to keep calm and relate the information the best that you can to the police and first responders. When all is done, make sure that you receive a copy of the police report.

<strong>Hire a Lawyer</strong>
Having to deal with the medical bills, the insurance claims, the police, and the driver is exhausting and difficult. By hiring us you will get proper representation that offers results. We’ll get the answers you need and keep the insurance company working for you and not their own pockets. We’ll work closely with the court and law enforcement to ensure that justice is given its due. Most importantly, we’ll make sure that in your time of need and suffering that all the hard work and paperwork is done efficiently and completely.

Careless drivers are all over the streets and pedestrian accidents are on the rise. A majority of the time it is the negligence of the driver that causes the pedestrian much undue pain and suffering. Handling this situation on your own should never be an option. If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident or know somebody who has, contact Moreno Valley Pedestrian Accident Lawyers today!

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