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How Much Does a Consultation or Evaluation Cost?

1 Aug 2017

You never imagine you might require the help of an personal injury attorney, but things happen all the time you never expect to face in life. Accidents, slip and fall cases, workplaces incidents, and many other unfortunate events occur all the time. If you’re the unfortunate victim of an accident that might constitute filing a personal injury case, you’ll want to discuss your options with an personal injury attorney. You have so many questions, and you don’t know where to begin. Begin by calling an personal injury attorney.

How much does it cost to consult with an attorney?

Nothing. It costs nothing to call an attorney and schedule an appointment to discuss your case with an attorney. It’s a free consultation so you are able to find out what you can do, what options you have, and how you can proceed following your accident. Your attorney has no idea if you have a case until they hear your story, see the evidence, and read the accident reports. Without this information, they can’t help you. That’s why they don’t charge you from the start.

Your consultation is designed to inform your attorney what happened. You might not have a case, which means you shouldn’t pay for an initial meeting. If you do have a case, your attorney will discuss with you the options you do have. They might say you can file a lawsuit, and then you’ll discuss how much it costs. The attorney might charge you a percentage of your payout if you win, or they might charge you hourly. However, they will not take any money from you unless and until you win your case. This means you pay nothing if you lose.

Why should I call an attorney?

If you’re on the fence about calling an attorney, there are a few things to consider. If your accident was caused by someone else, it could be negligence. This means someone else is responsible for paying your medical bills, providing you with reimbursement for the wages you lost when you were out of work, and paying for any damage that occurred.

If a loved one was lost in an accident, the at-fault party is responsible for funeral expenses, burial costs, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. You have rights, and it’s time to take them into consideration. You might not think to call an attorney right away, and that’s all right. You have time to consider your options before you file a personal injury lawsuit.

Did you follow the proper channels?

One thing your attorney will ask is whether you did the right things following your accident. Your attorney needs to know if you called the police and a report was filed. They need to know if you sought medical attention, and they will want to see your medical labs, tests, results, and bills. You’ll need to keep perfect paperwork and notes, and you’ll need to be completely honest with your attorney form the start.

You might not know what you want to do, and that’s all right. You don’t even have to file a lawsuit even if it’s an option. You might just want to find out what you’re entitled to, how much time you have to make up your mind, or you might just want someone to help you understand all the legal jargon involved in filing insurance paperwork. It’s not always easy to navigate this stuff, and an attorney is good at it.

You’re not going to pay a dime to talk to an attorney about your personal injury case. Sometimes you just need the guidance offered, and you might need more time to determine what you want to do in the future. Your job is to call and ask for an appointment with the confidence you won’t pay a dime. You’re not going to pay anything unless you file a lawsuit and win. What you pay then is determined ahead of time, and you get to make that kind of decision long before you agree to file anything.

Call an personal injury attorney to find out what options you have. You’ll pay nothing, but you’ll leave with invaluable advice. Your attorney only wants to help you figure out what to do next and end up seeking damages you deserve following an accident.

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