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How much is my injury case worth?

If you are injured due to the negligence of another party, you could be entitled to substantial reimbursement through a personal injury case. For those that are in the area, hiring a personal injury attorney could be very helpful as they will help to ensure that you get the best settlement of judgment possible. Once you decide a personal injury case in the legal system, the amount of the settlement or judgement could vary based on several different factors.

Direct Costs
One factor that will determine how much your personal injury case is worth is the level of direct costs that you have incurred. When you are injured in an accident that is the fault of another party, there is a chance that you could incur a lot of direct costs. This can include out of pocket medical costs, car repair costs, money result from the loss of income or loss of a job, and legal fees. When you are looking for a settlement of judgment related to your personal injury case, the amount of your direct costs will end up being one of the most significant factors. It is important that you completely document all costs that you have incurred to ensure you have the support and proof necessary for your claim.

Pain and Suffering
Another big factor that will go into the final amount of your personal injury case is the amount of pain and suffering that you incurred. Depending on the type of injury that you have, it could cause a lot of pain or other types of suffering. If you suffer a brain, back, or hip injury, you could have a hard time every fully recovering and living pain free. Because of this, you will be entitled to receive compensation for all of the pain that you will go through and your future medical bills. This total amount can end up being very hard for a court to quantify, but they tend to side with the plaintiff and victim in these situations.

Level of Negligence
The third factor that will often determine the size of your personal injury case is the level and type of negligence of the other party. All types of negligence are technically binary. However, there are some types of negligence that are more excusable and acceptable than others. For example, if you slip and fall at someone’s home, you may receive a lower judgment as it may seem like it was simply an accident. However, if you are victimized by someone who is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs you may receive a larger settlement. The type and level of negligence is definitely something that will be carefully considered by a judge or insurance company.

Financial Wherewithal of Other Party
The fourth factor that can have a major impact on the level of your personal injury case settlement or judgment is the overall financial wherewithal of the other party. Ultimately, there is not much sense in suing someone that doesn’t have any money or the ability to ever repay the judgment. If you are suing someone that has no money, it often would make sense to look for a more manageable judgment. On the other hand, if the person is wealthy, or has strong insurance backing, it will likely be easier to settle or receive a larger judgment.

In conclusion, being involved in an accident that causes personal harm can be very painful, stressful, and expensive. If the accident was due to the neglect of another person or group, then it would be a good idea to hire personal injury lawyer. personal injury attorneys can provide you with a range of services that will ensure you and your rights are properly protected in the eyes of the law.

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