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Do I Need An Attorney for my Car Accident Case?

Car accidents are some of the most common cases seen in personal injury law. They sometimes occur with no injury, sometimes with severe injuries, and sometimes with a loss of life. The severity of the car crash will often determine whether or not you should contact a lawyer after the accident. In a small portion of cases where no injury occurs and there’s no fault in the accident, a lawyer perhaps won’t be needed. Remember that due to the nature of work that personal injury lawyers must do in order to win a case for a claimant, there are fees. So if it’s an open and shut case with no real fault at play and no injuries or damage, you won’t need a lawyer for that type of fender bender.

There’s another type of case, though, where a personal injury lawyer should always be contacted for at least a consultation. Remember that consultations are free, so there’s no reason not to contact a lawyer to see if you might be entitled to damages. In a case where there’s a large amount of compensation at stake, it’s upsetting that some people don’t pursue their rights.

Do I need and attorney for my car accident case?

If you’re in a car accident and weren’t at fault, suffer any kind of personal injury in the accident, and incur medical or car repair bills as a result of the damages, you should contact a lawyer for a free consultation. Not contacting a lawyer can mean forfeiting your right to compensation due to the injury and once you’ve passed the statute of limitations for filing your personal injury case, you can’t go back in time and undo this. New York statute of limitations on car accident case filings is pretty clear. You’re not going to get a second chance to call a lawyer after a certain period of time.

While it’s understandable that a car accident is traumatic enough to prevent early filing of the personal injury case, and the law gives you time to endure the first early part of the trauma, after awhile it’s imperative to get on the phone to a lawyer and make sure that you file your case. Without doing this, you’re leaving your future medical bills and car repair bills at risk. Some clients simply can’t afford their medical bills after a prolonged injury. Those victims will suffer without medical care. Others will have to rely on charity or family to pay their bills, which is always a shame due to the fact that the law protects victims of car accidents and allows them to recover damages, even over the course of a very long injury case.

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We have an incredibly high rate of success for our clients. It’s our mission to protect the victims of negligent drivers from the medical damages, lost wages, and pain and suffering that accompanies a car accident. It’s our personal goal to win each and every case we come across, and we do a lot of research and put in a lot of time in the courtroom to do so. Aggressively defending our clients from tragedy is our top priority each and every time we step in the office.

In car accident cases, it’s important to have a lawyer by your side as you come up against selfish insurance companies, negligent drivers who deny their errors, and healthcare establishments that are aggressively pursuing you for unpaid bills. It’s our job to make the person at fault in the accident pay for the damage they’ve done in your life and that’s exactly what we do for all of our clients.

Long story short, you do need an attorney for a car accident that results in injury, lost wages, pain and suffering, and sky high medical bills. If you need representation and a firm that will aggressively defend you again the onslaught of medical bills coming your way, give us a call. We will meet with you anywhere you choose or discuss your case over the phone and get your desired outcome for your personal injury case. That’s our job and we love doing it.

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