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Do I need a motorcycle accident lawyer

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers
New York dishonest insurance and insurance regulations carriers often make the process of recovering the injured motorcyclist’s compensation complicated. For this reason, it is imperative for these injured motorcyclists or loved ones seeking compensation on their behalf to retain an personal injury lawyer who has enough experience handling such claims.

Our personal injury lawyer has over two decades of success claiming against insurance companies for motorists. While the damages can vary and each case is different, our lawyers are always committed to helping all motorcyclists collect their compensation that include property damage and medical bills. You may have legal recourse if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Why Contact personal Injury Lawyer
It is always difficult for injured motorists to collect their compensation after a crash if they are working on their claim without the backup of an attorney. Because the personal injuries protection is always protected for vehicles with four or more wheels, motorists are not allowed to carry that coverage. Even if the owner of the motorcycle has a car that is covered under the personal injury insurance protection coverage, it does not apply to motorcycle accidents. If you have not insured the motorcyclist, you may end up the struggle to pay the medical bills if the motorcycle is not insured.

A lawyer can explain your options if you were injured in a crash to pursue the medical bill compensations and other losses. Circumstances such as medical malpractice can also compound such cases. If you get the help of an attorney immediately, they will commence by collecting the evidence and information to support your compensation claim. For your claim to be built, you lawyer may:
• Consult experts
• Reconstruct the accident scene
• Gather witness statements
• Collect police and scene reports
• Contact insurance companies on your behalf
• Investigate motorist driving history
• Photograph the scene

Why Personal Injury Lawyers
Our motorcycle accident lawyers are conversant with all laws associated with motorcycles. In most cases, these laws differ from car accidents. Our attorneys are also rich in experience dealing and handling insurance companies. We can also access the top experts who include medical experts and accident reconstructionists. When our personal injury lawyers work with these experts, they establish a track record of results that help you get compensation.
Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims
If the rider didn’t make any mistake, they might seek damages from the party that was at fault. While such motorcycles are not covered by PIP insurance, they are not restricted from getting compensation. Injured riders cannot be limited to a number of damages to receive including suffering and pain. For motor vehicles, their damages can be covered by PIP insurance policies. This allows them to get a certain injury threshold to receive the compensation motorists don’t need an injury threshold to get their compensation for damages that include suffering, pain, and lost wages.

Insurance Negotiations
After the accident, the negligent party will be contacted by the lawyer to negotiate a settlement for any cost incurred because of the accident. You can leverage on the information you collect to recover your expenses. If you are not satisfied with the negotiations with the insurance company, you can pursue the legal way against the negligent party with your lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents are categorized as a personal injury. This is based on the negligence theory. Your attorney, in other words, must prove that the driver was at fault and not the motorist. For them to do so, they will learn more about the accident from investigation including whether the driver paid attention to the surrounding, followed traffic laws, and whether he was under the influence.

If you or your loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, you are eligible to receive compensation. If you are faced with this type of personal injury, be sure to contact our personal injury lawyers to schedule a free consultation session.

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