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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Norwalk Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents occur in Norwalk and, when they do, hurt people need Norwalk Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers. A slip and fall injury may occur when property owners, business principals, or real estate managers fail to ensure that their premises are safe. A small accident suffered as a result of negligence, such as slipping on an object underfoot or tripping upon an icy step, can cause an individual to experience serious injuries and long-lasting negative effects.

Norwalk Slip and Fall Lawyers are experienced at helping suffering victims get lives back in order after a severe accident. They have the experience and resources to identify, then prove, who was responsible for the slip and fall injury. Upon determination, the lawyers hold the business, property, or individual responsible in a court of law.

Responsible for Preventing Slip and Fall Incidents
According to “Slip and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook,” businesses and others must actively seek to prevent slip and fall accidents. They must actively maintain, manage, monitor and design the business, property, or premises against potential slip and fall accidents. Walkways, e.g. sidewalks, on the premises must not present a trip hazard.

The American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM) defines a trip hazard in this instance as an elevation change. For example, “a change in elevation in a walkway that is not a proper ramp or stairway with a vertical face one-fourth inch or higher, or a change in elevation one-fourth inch…” describes an apparently tiny but very real trip hazard.

In fact, “premises liability” describes the legal action that may be filed when a slip and fall injury happens on a public or private property. Although the cause and effect relationship of the slip and fall injury must be discerned prior to the progress of legal action, the slip and fall attorney fights to move his client’s case forward as quickly as possible.

Norwalk Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers will determine whether the accident victim is an “invitee,” or an individual who enters the premises in order to transact business (e.g. a shopper entering a grocery store) or a “licensee,” an individual arriving at the premises for a personal, non-commercial reason (e.g. a friend invited to someone’s home or party).

Right to Legal Counsel
A slip and fall accident that is the fault of a negligent business, property, or premises can wreak havoc on the injured person and his or her family’s lives. Slip and fall lawyers fight to protect the client’s right to compensation and damages for these injuries. After seeking immediate medical attention, the injured party (or his designate) should reach out to experienced legal counsel. Never seek to settle a slip and fall injury without requesting a preliminary consultation from experienced lawyers.

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