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Orange Car Accident Lawyers

California state law requires that every person involved in an accident stop and remain on the scene. Those who flee or leave the scene face a hit and run charge in the future, and the state will often charge a driver with a hit and run if the accident led to a high amount of property damage, death or injuries to one or more people.

Anyone caught breaking the law faces both criminal charges and charges that can go to a civil court. Civil court cases typically involve wrongful death, emotional pain and suffering or personal injuries. Those injured in car accidents often turn to Orange car accident lawyers for help filing lawsuits after the accident.

Filing Claims

After a car accident in California, drivers have three different options. They can file a claim through their own insurance company, file a claim with the driver responsible for the accident or file a personal lawsuit. Filing a claim with their own insurers is potentially problematic because it often causes their own rates to rise. Those who opt for a personal injury lawsuit or a claim filed with the other driver’s insurer need some help by their side in the form of Orange car accident lawyers.

When a Lawsuit Matters

In a perfect world, all victims could file a claim with an insurance company, receive a large settlement and walk away feeling confident about the future. In the real world, insurance companies will offer the lowest settlement possible. Those without adequate representation often find themselves accepting that first offer because they don’t think they have any other option. Orange car accident lawyers look at a number of different factors, including the emotional pain they feel and the medical bills they will accumulate in the future. The lawyers will then ensure that clients receive enough to cover those bills and problems.

Supporting with the Rights of Victims

Supporting the rights of victims is the number one goal of Orange car accidents lawyers. Some of those victims just can’t speak for themselves because of the serious injuries that occurred, and some accidents even lead to the death of others. Orange attorneys will speak up for their clients, confront insurance companies and explain why clients deserve a large settlement after an accident.

Located just a short drive from Santa Ana, Orange residents often find themselves dealing with crowded city streets as people driving from one town to the next. Orange also has a number of older streets that tend to feel cramped on a regular basis. If a car accident left you with a serious injury, or the accident led to the injury of a loved one, it’s time to turn to Orange car accident lawyers.

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