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Oxnard Bus Accident Lawyers

Many residents of Oxnard rely on bus transportation day after day to take them to and from their jobs, schools, medical appointments, and shopping. Bus companies are required by California’s state common carrier statute to exercise “care and diligence” when transporting people. 

When a bus company fails to live up to the standard set forth in that law, passengers may be put at risk. Mechanical failures and driver error are just two of the ways in which those on a bus may end up involved in a bus accident. Injuries may result that very much reduce the quality of life for those involved. Injured passengers that want to hold the bus company responsible call on Oxnard Bus Accident Lawyers for assistance. 

<strong>Bus operator investigations</strong> 

Oxnard Bus Accident Lawyers will investigate various kinds of crashes, whether they involve public buses, tour buses, charter buses or school buses. The role that the bus driver may have played in the crash is carefully reviewed. The overall driving record of the bus company will be investigated to determine if the business has had its buses involved in other accidents. An investigation may determine that the company had been lax in allowing those with bad driving records to continue to operate its buses. In this instance, an attorney for an injured victim can claim negligence on the part of the company. 

<strong>Bus maintenance investigations</strong> 

It is important to also determine whether the company had appropriately maintained its fleet of buses. Maintenance is very important considering the act that buses typically log many miles everyday day, often in stop-and-go conditions. An inadequate bus inspection plan can sometimes result in a failure to properly maintain the buses. This can sometimes put passengers at risk. 

<strong>Legal representation for injured passengers</strong>

Injured bus passengers that try to get compensation directly from the bus company or its insurer may run into bureaucratic roadblocks. Sometimes, insurers try to settle cases formless than is appropriate. Don’t go it alone. Oxnard Bus Accident Lawyers will know what a fair settlement is in each instance of injury. Serious injuries may require long-term mediation, rehabilitation and other escalating medical expenses. A one-time settlement offer may not properly address these long-term costs that could be very significant. Look to Oxnard Bus Accident Lawyers to get the proper compensation that one is entitled to according the law. 

It is important to be aware that California state law allows for the filing of personal injury civil lawsuits only within six months of the date when the injury was sustained. If either you, a family member, or someone you know has been hurt in a bus accident, contact Oxnard Bus Accident Lawyers right away. They will help to navigate through all the red tape and other challenges so that you get the compensation that you need and deserve. 

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