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Palmdale Car Accident Lawyers

With the longest average commute time of any city in the United States, Palmdale sits on the higher end of the scale with regards to car accident likelihood. In the event that your fears of a crash come true, you need to get in touch with a qualified Palmdale car accident lawyer. The consequences of an accident can range from annoying to devastating, and it’s important to find an attorney that can negotiate the claim in your favor to provide you with compensation for any loss you may have suffered. Whether your claim looks like a simple one that the insurance companies can work out amicably or a harsh court battle in the making that will take many months, you’ll want an attorney you can trust.
<h4>What to Do After an Accident</h4>Once you’ve snapped back into reality and collected your senses in the moments following an accident, you’ll want to attempt to follow certain guidelines that include but are not limited to the following to protect yourself legally:

<li>Find medical help for all parties involved</li>
<li>Avoid any statement of fault, including an apology, or a personal opinion</li>
<li>Gather contact information from other parties and witnesses for your attorney’s perusal</li>
<li>Advise your insurance provider of the accident</li>
</ul><h4>Signs of a Liable Driver</h4>Certain driver actions leading up to an accident will more readily mark the driver as negligent to investigators. The following are notable examples:

<li>Any form of distracted driving is a major indication of liability. Texting and talking on the phone are the most commonly considered in modern times, but the other driver could be looking at a map, dealing with unsecured pets, or in one of many other possible situations.</li>
<li>Drunk driving will almost guarantee liability if proven. Failure to pass a breathalyzer test firmly implicates any driver involved in an accident.</li>
<li>Generally reckless behavior such as running red lights and stop signs, switching lanes irresponsibly, and speeding can render a driver liable.</li>
<li>Punch-drunk driving can also be considered when it’s evident that the driver’s exhaustion contributed to the accident.</li>
</ul><h4>Potential Remedies</h4>Your potential monetary recovery may vary widely from that of another accident victim. You may receive compensation for the cost of medical procedures and physical therapy in addition to compensation for lost job wages. You may also obtain damages meant to compensate for the pain and suffering that another driver’s negligence inflicted upon you. Reach out and speak with a Palmdale car accident attorney to find out where you stand.

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