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Palmdale Pedestrian Accident Attorney Helps Accident Victims

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are risks Palmdale residents take every day. Pedestrian accidents occur when a pedestrian is injured in an accident that is not in the control of the victim. Pedestrian accidents are commonly linked with innocent bystanders that are injured in relation with car, truck, or motorcycle accidents. In pedestrian accidents of this kind, most often the pedestrian suffers severe injuries as a result of having almost no protection against the force of even a small motor vehicle accident. Pedestrian accidents often involve severe injuries including internal bleeding, severe head and brain injuries, and broken bones.

When injured in a pedestrian accident, it is important for the victim to be fully aware of his or her rights under California driving and accident laws. To help navigate the process of understanding their rights and filing a claim, victims may find that a Palmdale pedestrian accident lawyer could be a great help.

1. Filing Insurance Claims

One of the first things that an attorney can help victims with is filing an insurance claim. Insurance claims will need to be filed within a few days of the accident. However, for severely injured victims, they may still be in the hospital and unable to file the necessary claims. Having an attorney to help with this process could prove valuable in preserving rights to file personal injury lawsuits and receive the compensation needed to help the victim and their family move forward.

2. Negotiating With Insurance Adjusters

Another aspect of the accident that an attorney might be helpful in is negotiating financial settlements with victims. Insurance companies are not in the business of protecting the pedestrian; therefore, it is not unheard of for an insurance company to make an offer which is well below the compensation level to which the victim may be justly entitled. In such instances, having an attorney to help negotiate settlements could be a great help in avoiding low offers and insurance adjusters that might seek to undercut or dismiss pedestrian injuries as less severe than they actually are.

3. Why Get Legal Representation?

Calling a Palmdale pedestrian accident lawyer could help you negotiate filing a personal injury lawsuit, negotiate with insurance companies, and even file the necessary insurance reports. Accident victims who have legal representation are better able to understand their rights under California law to compensation for severe injuries, loss of a loved one, loss of income, as well as pain and suffering.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in the Palmdale area, call a Palmdale pedestrian accident today to schedule a consultation to discuss your rights and filing obligations under California law. Don’t let an injury stop your life, having an attorney could help you get the compensation that you need to start living your life again.

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