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Palmdale Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

29 May 2016

Palmdale Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

When an automobile accident occurs, there is usually a lot of people that may be at risk of suffering injuries. All passengers of the vehicles are at risk of suffering whiplash, breaking bones and even suffering brain damage. Sometimes, the injury does not even have to be physical. Many times, after an accident, a person will suffer from psychological problems.

When most people witness an auto accident, they usually worry about the passengers of the vehicles, but there are others that are at risk of being injured during the collision. It is true, that in all situations and circumstances, pedestrians have the right of way. With that said, this right will not save them when an out of control vehicle is heading right for them.

When a person is casually waking on the sidewalk, there’s not anything protecting them from a vehicle jumping the curb and striking them. This often happens when a driver loses control of their vehicle and swerves while trying to avoid an accident. A car accident will happen in a few seconds, and pedestrians will not have any time to avoid the situation.

Continuing with the example that we just used, a person may not even be hit by the car and still suffer from injuries. For example, if a pedestrian is fast enough to dodge an oncoming vehicle, they may jump out of the way and hurt themselves when they land. They should not have to pay any out of pocket expenses. It is not their fault that a large vehicle came out of nowhere and put them in a life or death situation.

Many times, the person at fault will not want to pay for what they caused. This is when a pedestrian accident lawyer will be useful. They’ll put their extensive knowledge of personal injury law to use and help an injured person receive the compensation that they are entitled to. Insurance companies will not willingly pay out anything without a fight, and a Palmdale pedestrian accident lawyer will be needed to prove a person’s case to the courts.

Depending on the case, a person may be entitled to payment of present and future medical bills, recovery for present and future loss of earnings, pain and suffering and reimbursement for any expenses that they may have already paid. If necessary, a lawyer will even recreate the accident scene for the courtroom. They will demonstrate every single detail that occurred to prove that the defendants are responsible. Most of the time, when a pedestrian accident lawyer takes a case, they are confident enough in winning it that they will not require an upfront payment. They will be paid after their client wins the case.

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