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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Palmdale Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who represents someone who claims to have suffered physical or emotional injury as a result of wrongdoing or neglect by another individual or entity such as a company or government agency. The term, “personal injury” encompasses anything from a slip or a fall to brain injury or wrongful death.

<strong>Slip and Fall Injuries</strong>
What may seem like a minor injury from slipping or tripping can actually trigger a surprising amount of physical damage. You fall, you curse, you pause to gain your composure and slowly get back up to your feet with nothing more than a bruised ego. Three weeks later, you wake up with searing back pain. You slowly inch your way out of bed and find it painful to walk on one side. You take the day off work and stay in bed, gorging on daytime television and comfort food.

Days later, you finally drag yourself to see the doctor. He diagnoses a sprained pelvis. If you had gone to see him immediately after the fall, he could have done something to avoid the seven-out-of-ten on a scale of 1 to 10 pain you are experiencing now. You leave his office, clutching a prescription for painkillers and instructions to stay off your feet for the next four to six weeks.

<strong>Palmdale Personal Injury Lawyer</strong>
You decide you have a legitimate claim against the owner of the property where you took the fall that caused you to lose nearly two months’ wages. There are medical bills, physiotherapy costs, pharmacy expenses. Your next telephone call is to your lawyer.

<strong>Proving Negligence</strong>
The first thing he is likely to tell you is that nine out of ten personal injury claims fail. The law appears to favor property owners. The biggest obstacle you are going to face is proving negligence. This isn’t because the courts like property owners better than everyone else; it is to protect them from spurious claims. There are people out there who sniff out money and have no scruples about throwing themselves down a stair or two for the sake of claiming thousands of dollars in compensation.

In order for a property owner to be held responsible for an injury resulting from someone having an accident on his premises, there has to be a hazardous or dangerous condition and there has to have been a sufficient time interval for the owner to correct it. If a waiter drops a pot of tea and you happen to slip on the spill while he is reaching for a traffic cone and a cloth, the restaurant owner will not be held responsible. If, on the other hand, the waiter wanders off to serve another customer and forgets about the spill for any length of time, you may have a case.

If you do decide to take action, make sure you have a skilled and experienced Palmdale personal injury lawyer on your team.

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