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There is no denying the loss of a loved one can be devastating. When that loss is the result of negligence on the part of another, the combination of emotions are compounded. While there is a deep desire to right the wrong, no amount of effort will bring back your loved one. What of this Pasadena resident’s life plans that have also ended such as income, life insurance, the retirement plan or Social Security? If only the party responsible had exercised a proper duty of care.

Though it is a difficult decision to consult an attorney to assist in such matters, this is exactly when the careful guidance of Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyers is needed. A wrongful death claim filed on behalf of the family by an advocate who can make the process understandable will seek the compensation due surviving dependents and beneficiaries entitled to monetary damages.

Getting the Right Start

Whether a wrongful death is obvious or requires a careful investigation of the facts in order to determine misdeeds or negligence on the part of another, the complexities are certainly more than a layman should take on alone. Before ever entering into any agreements, consulting with experienced Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyers will ensure your case remains strong.

Avoid Hesitation

The nature of a wrongful death claim tends to find survivors hesitant to act. The only problem in this case is the complex statute of limitations under which it may be filed or resolved before the claim is barred forever. In Pasadena, there at three deadlines that may affect your case ranging anywhere from six months to three years depending upon the circumstances. Further, the rule of discovery may play a role in the timing due to the nature of the injury itself. This is where the expertise of Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyers can help you determine when the statute of limitations may expire.

The Long View

More than the funeral expenses and medical bills that may have been incurred, often the driving force in a wrongful death claim is the hope that such an occurrence will not be repeated. A surviving spouse has forever lost the support and companionship they once had. The idea that someone else may have to endure this pain and suffering certainly provides an impetus to pursue a case. Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyers may also be able to include damages for pain and suffering in the claim.

Wrongful death cases occur every day. They can happen on the job or worksite, from automobile, train or bus accidents, through defective drugs or product liability. They can even occur as a result of governmental liability. Putting Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyers to work on the case will initiate an investigation and the collection of important evidence necessary to establish who is at fault. It is not a case anyone wants to tackle all on their own.

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