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Pasadena Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Every day Pasadena people slip and fall. It can occur at work, in their homes, while shopping, or out on the town. A slip and fall can occur at any given moment. When the fall is a result of another person’s carelessness or a simple act of negligence then somebody has to be held accountable. Hospital bills, time off work, and the pain and suffering endured as the result of this can put a toll on the finances and your family. It can put you in the hospital and out of work. Pasadena Slip and Fall Lawyers can help get you back on your feet.

<strong>Finding the Source</strong>
Many will think that a slip and fall is a random accident that could not be avoided. This is untrue. Where the accident itself may have been a mishap, there are often many circumstances that could have lead up to the slip and fall. All these things could lead to the possibility of an accident occurring. We’ll look into the circumstances and dig deep to find the reason for the accident that occurred.

<strong>Investigate the Facts</strong>
Most accidents can be prevented and are often due to the negligence of an individual who decided to turn their head to a potential problem. We’ll look into the persons involved and surrounding the accident and check for patterns of negligence. If the accident could have been prevented then there is a reason why it should have been but wasn’t. We’ll find that reason and hold those people accountable for your injury.

<strong>Detail Oriented</strong>
A common factor in all accidents is that there were a great many details that will lead up to the slip and fall. By looking into the details and events that preceded the accident we can see if there were any kinds of anomalies or incidents that could have led up to the slip and fall itself. These occurrences could have prevented the accident. They will be exposed and holding the accountable party responsible. We will look into the outcome of the accident and how the parties chose to claim responsibility for the accident. This will expose any weakness in the policy or procedures taken to ensure that safety protocols were met after the accident occur. This detail-oriented approach will gain you the severance you deserve and will prevent the accident from occurring again.

Per California law, clients have six months from the injury date to file a personal injury lawsuit. Finding proper representation is paramount. If you’ve been in or know somebody who has been involved in an accident and needs a personal injury lawyer, contact Pasadena Slip and Fall Lawyers as quickly as possible to avoid any red tape and to receive the compensation that you deserve.

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