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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

The Dangers

Getting struck by an automobile can have and leave everlasting effects. For some, these effects can become the immediate need to change one’s career into one that offers much lower pay. For others, these effects can be immediate death that weights its toll on family members and friends of the victim involved.

Automobiles alone cause a great number of deaths per year, and for each year, there are too many careless decisions made from drivers that cause harm to pedestrians. When you or a loved one are that pedestrian, it is important to take immediate and proper action.

What to Do

When a pedestrian is struck by an automobile in Santa Clarita, that person will benefit greatly from the aide of pedestrian accident lawyers. There are an array of complicated issues involved in a motor vehicle incident and when a person walking is also placed into the equation, those complications drastically increase.

By having and seeking out a reputable pedestrian accident lawyer during instances of negligence caused by careless drivers, the victim of such accident will be able to understand the legal boundaries that dictate whose fault the incident was. By knowing this, blame is then placed on the person responsible for causing harm or damage to either party involved.

Declaring Fault

During legal precedence, a pedestrian will need the aide of their lawyer to show, that as a pedestrian, they were not distracted, jay walking, intoxicated or crossing in areas deemed unsuitable for pedestrians. These types of locations include highways or bridges with no manmade entrances and egresses.

In like manner, a qualified Santa Clarita accident lawyer will help to show that the driver causing harm to a pedestrian was either, distracted, intoxicated, careless or breaking fundamental laws like speeding. All of these factors are and must be taken seriously.

How Compensation Works

Once a fault is declared, the compensation can then be determined as well as the person to receive it. In the most common cases when a pedestrian has been struck, the driver is usually found to be at fault. However, the challenges existing with coming to this verdict is brought about by the agenda of insurance companies and followed closely through by their staffed lawyers.

In either case, compensation can be on the basis of emotional damage, physical damage; the medical care needed or had, lost of work hours or the inability to return to work among many others. In cases of actual death, it is possible for the driver to be charged and in turn sentenced to complete prison time as issued by a qualified judge in Santa Clarita.

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