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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Perris Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

The unexpected events in life, regardless of their nature, are often also the most costly. This is certainly true in the case of that most common of all injurious accidents, the slip and fall.

<strong>Real Consequences</strong>
Unlike most unexpected occurrences, a fall caused by slipping or tripping can have an immediate and possibly irreversible impact on a person’s health and livelihood. The swiftly mounting medical bills, steeply declining savings balance, and inability to work that a slip and fall can cause are regrettably all too common.
In the last two years, experts estimate that nearly 20,000 fatal falls have occurred in the United States alone. Some estimates of the economic cost of slips and falls for the same time period top 10 billion dollars. In Perris and its surrounding environs, a projection of these same statistics means that on average dozens of residents will be severely injured by falls this year. The only recourse for individuals without legal representation in these matters is pursuit of damages in small claims courts. This is often a dead end, and can be frustrating when facing medical and financial issues.

<strong>Help is at Hand</strong>
Fortunately a number of superbly qualified lawyers in the Perris area can provide the vital advocacy slip and fall victims deserve. The State Bar of California recognizes over 40,000 practicing attorneys in its fourth district, which includes all of Riverside county. Any one of these lawyers could likely provide excellent legal representation for a person injured in a slip, trip, or fall. There are definite benefits however to retaining an attorney who specializes in the intricacies of personal injury law.

<strong>Experience Counts</strong>
A skilled and experienced attorney working in the area of personal injury can often bring suits to a settlement quickly and with a minimum amount of difficulty to the client. It is also a reality that legal representation often leads to much larger settlements than would be possible without the benefit of counsel.

Personal injury lawyers with a long track record of providing excellent representation to slip and fall victims often bring another less immediately obvious advantage to court proceedings. Many such attorneys have developed a reputation for toughness and tenacity among Perris’s business community. As a result they are accorded a level of professional respect that makes a positive outcome more likely.

Ultimately, the benefits of having a good attorney in one’s corner overshadow the basic fact in most slip and fall cases. Simply stated, the victim of such an event deserves the best legal counsel available, and Perris’s slip and fall accident lawyers can provide it.

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