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Photographs and Footage of Accident

30 Oct 2016

If you took photographs of the actual accident scene or have video footage from an on board camera or a mount dash cam, then you should definitely consider making a copy and providing that to your attorney. Any photographic or video footage can be useful to your attorney when it comes to figuring out what happened.

After carefully examining any photographs, video footage, the police report and witness statements, your attorney will be able to reconstruct what happened before, during and after the accident. While reviewing the documentation, your attorney may have a better idea what took place on the day of the accident. If you are not in possession of any photographic or video footage, your attorney will rely on the police report and witness statements.

Photographs of Vehicles After The Accident

Photographs of the damage to your car and any other vehicle involved in the accident will most certainly be helpful to your attorney. Photographs provide details that are often not readily available in police reports In addition to evaluating the point of impact, your attorney will also review the extent of the damages and other details that can be used to represent you in and out of court.

Although damage to a vehicle cannot be used to confirm injuries, in some cases photographs can be used to demonstrate the magnitude of the crash. However, as every attorney knows sometimes personal injuries even when there is very little damage to a vehicle. Every case is different and this why your attorney needs all the documentation you have to represent you both in and out of court.

Existing On-Scene Video Cameras and Footage

If you are in possession of any on-scene footage captured by cameras in the local area, then you should provide copies of these tapes to our attorney for review as well.These recordings can also provide details that may not otherwise be available in any documentation that you supply. Although on-scene footage is not always important, if it is available your attorney should take time to review it.

Witness Statements and Police Reports

Witness statements and police reports often contain inconsistencies and inaccurate information. Even if they do, you still need to have them reviewed by our attorney. Police reports and witness statements are just as important as photographs and video footage. If you are in possession of any statements made by any witnesses and police reports, then it is important that you provide those to your attorney as early as

In addition to the initial police report, police may also file a supplemental report as well If you have these reports or any witness statements made after the accident, then you should make plans to provide these documents to the attorney who you consult with or is evaluating your case. Every report and statement must be reviewed by your attorney.

Your Attorney Will Secure The Needed Reports and Documentation

If by chance you do not have any police reports, witness statements or photographs, then you should let the attorney know. Once a police report is filed, it can be easily retrieved by our firm. Police reports are particularly important because it is the one document that reflects any observations made by the police officer at the scene on the actual day of the accident.

Other Documentation and Medical Records

Emergency room reports, hospital reports, medical records, receipts, citations, ticket and other relevant documents, including but not limited to medical bills you receive, should also be supplied to your attorney. If you were cited or received a summons for violating the law, then you should take the time to make copies or any citations or relevant documents for your attorney as well.

By taking the time to make copies of all the documentation (good and bad) that is related to your case, your attorney will be prepared for everything that is to come. It is always good to err on the side of caution when it comes to handing over documents and photographs in your file. Even if a document does not look useful, take the time to supply a copy of it to your attorney. At the end, your attorney will have everything that is needed to represent you both in and out of court.

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