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A personal injury case could involve one of many types of injuries. In most cases, a personal injury is caused by a negligent driver. However, some Fullerton residents might find that they’ve been bitten by an animal. In fact, a large number of cases involve a victim who has been attacked or bitten by an animal. For professional legal assistance, residents can hire Fullerton Personal Injury Lawyers.

Personal Injury Cases for Animal Attacks

It can be difficult to understand how an animal attack can cause emotional distress. Most people would think that an animal bite or attack would result in nothing more than physical pain. When a Fullerton resident is attacked by an animal, it can result in long-term fear or disfigurement.

For example, a person who has been attacked by a certain breed of dog might end up fearing that specific breed for the rest of his or her life. If a pet owner’s animal attacks someone, he or she can be held liable for injuries sustained by the victim.

Most cases that involve an animal attack are centered on a dog bite. However, some cases involve other types of domesticated animals. Some of these cases involve a bird, cat, ferret or other domesticated animal. For the best advice concerning a case that involves an animal attack, it’s best to consult with Fullerton Personal Injury Lawyers.

Proving Liability

Personal injury cases that involve animals place the burden of proof on the plaintiff. Put simply, the victim has the burden of proving that a person owned and cared for the animal that attacked the plaintiff. Previously, the plaintiff was also required to prove that the animal’s owner was aware of how dangerous their pet was.

Currently, the plaintiff is really only required to prove that the pet owner was negligent, which means they didn’t contain or restrain their animal properly. For an animal owner to be considered negligent, he or she must have known that his or her animal was vicious but failed to control the animal’s behavior.

If an animal owner sees that their pet is vicious, the law requires them to take the necessary steps to secure the animal from the public. If the owner doesn’t secure their pet, they can be held liable if the animal attacks someone.

There are many people who harbor animals that are considered to be wild. Some examples of wild animals are monkeys, bears and lions. If such an animal injures a person, the owner can be held strictly liable.

What to Do About an Animal Attack

Fullerton residents who’ve been injured by another person’s animal should seek qualified assistance from Fullerton Personal Injury Lawyers. Oftentimes, these cases can be very complex, so it’s important to have help from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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