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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Pomona Car Accident Lawyers

Ask 10 different California drivers about the worst traffic jams in the world, and most of those respondents will say that it’s Los Angeles. While L.A. does have a number of traffic jams, traffic is just as bad in other cities across the state. Drivers feeling unhappy about the traffic can suffer from road rage, which impairs their driving.

The use of drugs and alcohol can also impair driving, but those aren’t the only issues that cause car accidents. Simply avoiding the posted signs on the road or driving a few miles over the speed limit can lead to an accident. Pomona car accident lawyers are there to support anyone who was the victim of an automobile accident.

Accepting Responsibility

As a comparative negligence state, California allows two or more drivers to accept responsibility for an accident without prohibiting any driver from filing a lawsuit against another. In some states, as soon as a drivers admits responsibility, the state prevents that person from receiving a single cent in a lawsuit or settlement. This law simply states that anyone partly responsible for the incident will receive less than the amount awarded based on that same percentage. If a driver receives an award of $5,000 and is 10 percent responsible for the accident, the driver will receive $4,500.

Following State Laws

Driving in California is a privilege that drivers only receive after passing at least one test. Though the state doesn’t retest drivers, it does require that all drivers follow all the laws in the state. This includes keeping their vehicles in working order, not using drugs or alcohol and obeying the speed limits and signs on the road. When an accident occurs because a driver broke any law in the state, Pomona car accident lawyers can show that the driver broke the law when arguing a personal injury lawsuit.

Helping Injured Victims

Motor vehicle accidents can cause minor injuries and major injuries, including broken bones, concussions, coma and even death. Insurance companies will typically attempt to settle with victims for less than they deserve, but Pomona car accident lawyers will help injured victims and fight for higher amounts. Those lawyers will clearly show the insurance company how much a victim deserves and why the victim deserves that amount.

Pomona residents can file a lawsuit up to two years after a car accident occurs, but the sooner you file, the sooner you can take care of your medical bills and other issues. Filing soon after the accident also ensures that the incident remains fresh in the minds of witnesses and others involved in the crash. Pomona car accident lawyers can gather those witnesses, look at the evidence and help you decide if you want to settle with the insurance company or take the case to court.

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