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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Pomona residents know how to handle congested roadways. Accidents are common causes of personal injury. While Pomona residents use caution when driving, some accidents are unavoidable for the party not at fault. Personal injury, however, is not exclusive to automobile accidents. Falling in a grocery store or being harmed by faulty consumer products are instances where a claim can and should be filed. Because of the frequency in which personal injuries are incurred from automobile accidents, the following information will be pertinent to such an accident.

Who is at fault?

A common mistake usually made directly after an automobile accident is moving the car to the side of the road. It’s very important to leave the vehicle in place. It’s vital that the officer responding to the scene of an accident be able to identify the cause of the wreck, as well as the party at fault. The best way to do this is to compare the description of the wreck via the drivers involved, and any available witnesses, to an untouched scene of the accident.

Immediate step to take…

Call the police. A police report can assist in court proceedings, if applicable, as well as safely store all pertinent information. This includes the other driver’s name, address, insurance information, as well as details of the accident. Seeking a personal injury lawyer implies that a lawsuit is to come. If this is the circumstance, the police report will be extremely useful.

It’s vital, if you’re injured as a result of the accident, that you immediately seek medical attention. This should be done before any claims are filed. Legal proceedings should begin after you’ve been adequately cared for. Not only is this in your best interest physically, not seeking immediate medical care will sometimes lower the amount of money and/or repairs you’re able to recover.

It’s unlikely that confessing your anger and pain to the other party involved will do any good. Therefore, it’s recommended that you keep the discussion between yourself and the other driver short and prudent. There is no need to discuss fault, injuries, or emotions with the other driver. All of the pertinent information should be relayed to the responding officer. This ensures that the information is stored in the form of a police report.

Don’t wait to file your claim…

If it is determined that the accident was not your fault, and assuming you’ve sustained personal injuries from the accident, it is highly recommended that you do not wait to file a claim. Finding an experienced personal injury lawyer can be overwhelming, especially in the days after a significant accident. Therefore, you may be interested in using a personal injury lawyer referral service. Reputable lawyer referral companies offer their service for free. Fees are incurred by the lawyer that you choose in the form of a finder’s fee. Ensure that the referral company you decide on to help you find a personal injury lawyer is local, reputable, and does not charge you for the service.

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