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Pomona Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Have you been involved in a slip and fall accident? If yes, you probably want to call a good Pomona slip and fall accident lawyer. Your lawyer will make sure that you are informed of your rights and your options available as a victim of the accident. Many times, victims of slip and fall accidents make mistakes after the accident, and these mistakes could negatively affect the outcome of your claim value. This is why it’s so important to contact a slip and fall accident lawyer as soon as the accident occurs.

Several slip and fall accidents happen in private businesses. If emergency medical attention is not necessary, make sure you obtain the proper claim information and forms from the business owner. They should give you all their contact information and directions for filing a claim for your injuries. Don’t discuss more than what is necessary about the accident. Just point out briefly what happened and what caused the fall. Make sure you file an incident report, and don’t make any statements other than to your lawyer.

If you are seriously injured, seek emergency medical assistance immediately. Either go to an emergency room close by or have an ambulance called for you. Follow the advice of the doctor who evaluates and examines you. Never put off seeking medical attention as it can be potentially dangerous if you received a concussion or other type of injury that you aren’t aware of. By not receiving proper medical attention, it could work against you in a potential lawsuit case.

In most cases after a slip and fall accident, you will receive a telephone call from the company’s insurance representative. Usually this is an insurance adjuster or insurance investigator. Their job is to try to have you say something that makes you appear to be at fault or that lessens the responsibility of their insured. They will try to give you trick questions to answer so that you say the wrong thing. Be very careful with your responses, because it’s very easy to say things that aren’t in your best interest. You might even say something without knowing it that could negatively impact your case.

This is a major reason for seeking counsel from a Pomona slip and fall accident lawyer immediately after your accident. Your lawyer has the knowledge and experience to handle this type of case. He or she will be responsible for all the legal paperwork and insurance contracts that are part of your lawsuit. Never speak to anyone without your lawyer’s advice and knowledge. Making the mistake of saying something wrong or just simply saying too much could end up hurting your case.

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