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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Fontana Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Fontana pedestrians injured in an accident should consult with Fontana Pedestrian Accident Lawyers right away. The accident lawyers are prepared to collect, defend and represent the client’s case in a court of law. With decades of experience in protecting pedestrians’ legal rights, the accident attorneys charge those responsible for injuries or wrongful death claims.

According to “The Cost of Accidents: A Legal and Economic Analysis,” pedestrian accidents occur most often as people are foot are crossing the street. Of course, an accident may happen as the pedestrian walks in a parking lot, recreational place, or as automobiles roll into sidewalks. Because pedestrians are injured by trucks, cars, bicycles, or trucks, the law favors pedestrians’ rights over those of vehicles. Pedestrians normally have right-of-way, but this is not an absolute. For example, the pedestrian properly crossing in a crosswalk, at an intersection on a green light, or as the “Walk” sign flashes, has right-of-way.

Urban and Highway Right of Way
Pedestrians walking on roads are also provided right-of-way. Approaching or passing vehicles must slow down, provide sufficient room, and pass only when it is safe to pass the pedestrian. However, right-of-way is not absolute in this instance. Pedestrians should always exercise caution in this instance. When crossing state highways, the pedestrian must yield to traffic and state laws. When walking in an urban environment, the pedestrian must observe crosswalks, municipal ordinances, and laws of the state.

Investigation of Pedestrian Injuries
When a motor vehicle injures as pedestrian journeying properly across the marked crosswalk, the state police or municipal police departments (after determination of the department with jurisdiction) must conduct an investigation. The goal of the investigation is to determine cause/s of the pedestrian’s injuries and/or violations of laws or ordinances. The police department with jurisdiction must issue civil or criminal citations or put in process an application for the filing of the proper criminal complaint. The district attorney (or attorney general) is not limited when seeking an indictment in connection with operation of any vehicle which causes pedestrian death or injury, in violation of any of the above.

Protecting Pedestrian’s Rights
Since pedestrian injuries are frequently severe in nature, and may include injuries to internal organs, head or back injuries, fractures, or wrongful death, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention. If the victim is conscious and able to do so, he or she must fully cooperate with investigating police officers. However, the injured pedestrian must not communicate with those responsible and at-fault for the accident. For best results, the injured victim or his designate should consult and engage experienced legal counsel to communicate with the vehicle driver’s insurance company and representing attorney.

Fontana Pedestrian Accident Lawyers work with injured pedestrians and their families to obtain the best recovery. They use qualified experts when matters of injuries, liability, and compensatory damages are in question.

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