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Rancho Cordova Bus Accident Lawyers

Accidents involving municipal buses, school buses and charter buses must be taken very seriously by the victims and their attorneys. With the help of bus accident lawyers, a victim of a bus accident can be awarded damages if they are the victim of driver error or negligence. In any of these cases, it is important for the victim to have an attorney who is going to investigate every aspect of their accident to help determine the damage awards they should receive in or out of court.

The Driver

The first thing a bus accident lawyer will do is ensure that they have checked the bus driver’s record. The driver may or may not have previous accidents on their record, and that driver may already be on probation for previous negligence or accidents.

Also, the driver must be questioned to ensure that they were not impaired at the time of the accident. Police reports must be checked and the driver must give a full statement as to the nature of their involvement in the accident.

The Bus

Because cities and school systems are responsible for keeping up buses and equipment, it is possible that the bus was not properly maintained by the city or school system. IF this is the case, the lawyer must make sure to get a copy of the maintenance records for the bus, a copy of any other accident reports involving that bus and a list of all the problems that the bus has had in the past.

There are times when the maintenance of the bus is what caused an accident, and those who supervise those buses must be asked what went wrong.

The Case in Court

A bus accident lawyer can bring a suit to trial to find out what the truth is and get damages awarded to the victim of this accident. Victims may need medical bills paid, may have gone on disability, may not be able to work and could have had their entire family thrown into turmoil by the accident.

The attorney’s job is to determine what damages should be asked for and to help the case come to a conclusion. The attorney can argue the case in court or take a settlement out of court that meets the needs of the victim to resolve the case.

In any of these instances, the victim is honored and respected by their attorney so that they pain and suffering caused by the bus accident can be mitigated with financial restitution.

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