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Indio Bus Accident Lawyers

Buses offer an economical way for Indio residents to commute to their jobs or schools, reach entertainment venues or go shopping. In addition to providing low-cost transportation, buses are environmentally friendly, capable of replacing dozens of cars carrying one or two passengers. However, the number of buses operating on Indio streets can increase the chances of a passenger sustaining an injury.

Under California law, public transportation systems and their employees are required to transport passengers with diligent care. Although mechanical failure is sometimes to blame for an accident, studies by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration show that driver error or negligence is the most common cause of bus accidents. Injuries can adversely affect the lives of passengers involved in bus accidents, and when that happens, the victims are often unsure of their rights or how to proceed with their claim. That is where Indio Bus Accident Lawyers can help.

Determine the Likelihood of Driver Culpability

Indio bus accident lawyers frequently begin their investigations by securing the driving history of the operator involved in the accident. They look for evidence of past negligence or driver errors. A history of previous accidents or proof of negligent acts, such as driving while impaired or violating traffic laws, can indicate that the driver has a record of operating the bus in an unsafe manner. If the company was aware of the driver’s history and continued to permit him or her to drive for them, the company can be held liable.

Determine the Bus’ Maintenance History

Bus companies are responsible for maintaining their vehicles to ensure they are safe to operate. This includes responding to any recall notices issued by the manufacturer and having the buses inspected on a regular basis. If a company has been negligent in maintaining their buses or has ignored safety recalls from the manufacturer, it can be held responsible for any accidents that occur due to mechanical failure.

Represent Those Injured in Bus Accidents

Many injured passengers are not aware of the compensation to which they are entitled. They may be able to receive funds to cover their medical bills and lost wages, and some victims may be eligible for other compensation also. However, it is likely that the insurance company representing the bus line will want to offer a quick, lump-sum settlement. Accepting such a settlement may prevent the injured party from receiving a settlement that is sufficient to cover future accident-related expenses, such as ongoing occupational therapy or additional lost wages. Indio Bus Accident Lawyers understand what their clients are entitled to receive, and they are willing to fight to make sure their clients are treated fairly.

If you have suffered an injury in a bus accident, you have a limited time in which to file a claim. Under California law, you must start proceedings within six months if the bus company is government-owned or two years if the company is privately owned. Calling Indio Bus Accident Lawyers soon after your injury can help ensure that you are fairly compensated.

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