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How Do I Replace Lost Wages?

If you are involved in a serious car accident, you probably have more to worry about than finding a new car or even paying your medical bills. Serious car accidents typically result in serious injuries, and injuries result in expensive medical bills. Even with insurance for your health, you probably owe thousands of dollars in the days following your accident. If your injuries are serious an ongoing, you’ll rack up even more medical bills than you ever thought possible. It’s a dangerous situation, and it’s one you might not be able to recover from without financial help. If your medical situation is dire, you might spend ample time in the hospital recovering.

You will likely be out of work in this situation. You might not lose your job, but you probably won’t be paid for the time you’re taking off to recover. If you are unable to go back to work, you will lose your job. This means you’ll lose all or a part of your income. It’s devastating following an accident, especially if your income was a major player in your household expenses. You’re left without wages for a few weeks, months, or even for the rest of your life if you’re unable to work. You didn’t ask to be in an accident when someone else got in their car and failed to follow the rules of the road, and now your life is changing for the worst because you are financially struggling. The medical bills are piling up, the income you once made is gone, and you don’t know what to do without your lost wages. Now it’s time to call a personal accident attorney to find out what steps to take next. Don’t wait, because you can replace lost wages.

Replacing Lost Wages

If you have medical bills to pay, your personal injury insurance will cover as much as 80% of that, but that still leaves you wondering how to pay the rest. If you are out of work and lose your wages, you’ll find out quickly how fast the bills pile up. You need someone else to come through and pay for your lost wages, and it’s going to be a battle. If the accident that caused this situation was someone else’s fault, let an attorney help you figure out how to replace your lost wages.

You can fight with the insurance company of the person who caused the accident, but they won’t cover your expenses for the rest of your life or as long as you need them. They’ll offer a settlement that’s less than what you need, and you need more help than that. Your only recourse here is to file a lawsuit to seek the damages you need to replace your lost wages. When you file a lawsuit with a personal injury accident attorney, you have options.

The case will begin with the attorneys working for you. Your job is to recover from your injuries. Attorneys gather all the evidence they need to seek who was to blame for the accident, and they begin the process of suing the person to blame as well as their insurance agency. In a case where it’s easy to prove the other driver was to blame, the attorneys don’t have much to stand on defending their client. This means you’ll be offered a settlement of a specific amount. It’s up to you to determine if the amount the other insurance company is offering is enough to help you get through the rest of your life without wages.

If it is, you can accept the settlement and move on with your life without worrying about your financial situation anymore. If it’s not enough, you’ll want to deny the settlement offer and keep trying to take your case to court. Most people are willing to settle outside the courtroom, but others are more willing to go to court and see if they can win more or not pay at all. You want to do what’s best for you, and your attorneys will advise you what the best course of action is if you are injured in an accident and have lost wages to replace.

If you are unsure what to do following an accident, call a personal injury attorney. You might have an insurance policy that pays you when you’re out of work up to a certain percentage of your income. You might have options you didn’t realize, and you always have the option to file a lawsuit. Call an attorney to find out what you have to do to make it right in your life and finances, and see what can be done to change the course of your financial future. Medical bills don’t pay themselves, and being unable to work is devastating.

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