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Rialto Bus Accident Lawyers

A significant amount of Rialto commuters rely on local buses on a daily basis. Under California state law, all bus operators must practice care when transporting passengers on short distance commutes. When a bus operator fails to follow common traffic laws, passengers are placed at great risk for getting injured in accidents. Rialto bus accident lawyers can help passengers that have been victims of bus accidents.

Reviewing The Bus Driver’s Record

Lawyers in Rialto can easily conduct thorough investigations of the bus drivers that are involved in a bus accident. Public and private records are accessible to attorneys that are seeking relevant information involving an accident. For instance, the Department of Motor Vehicles can verify if a bus operator has been involved in any accidents involving the use of other vehicles besides a bus. Additionally, Rialto lawyers can look at a driver’s record while operating a commercial vehicle that includes a bus, van or even truck. Driving records of a bus driver can also reveal any minor traffic and moving violations that have been given out in previous years while operating any type of vehicle.

Investigating Bus Mechanical Problems

Rialto lawyers can thoroughly review any mechanical problems with a bus that has been involved in an accident. Safety violations that involve improper maintenance of the brakes, tires, engine and exhaust system can shine some light as to the cause of a bus accident. Annual safety inspection records conducted by qualified auto shops can show all mechanical problems associated with a commercial bus. For example, records of worn out tires indicate some possible safety issues with a bus that has been involved in an accident. Similarly, bus operating companies may also be charged for their role in an accident due to neglect such as failure to make mechanical repairs on worn out brakes and broken tail lights.

Injured Passengers Receiving Representation

All passengers that have been involved in a bus accident can be represented by a Rilato lawyer that can request the proper compensation for injuries. An insured bus operator is required by law to provide minimum payments to all injured passengers in a bus accident. Attorneys can also request for additional compensation that goes beyond immediate medical costs. For instance, some injured passengers can receive settlements for missed time at work. Ongoing long term medical expenses such as for physical therapy can also be included in a proper settlement with the insurance company of a bus that has been in a crash.

Based on laws in California, injured victims of bus accidents have up to six months to file a lawsuit against a bus operating company. Rialto bus accident lawyers can help victims receive their proper compensation for unfortunate crashes.

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