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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Every year, hundreds of Riverside residents are victims of personal injuries. Through no fault of their own, people are hurt every day because of other people’s negligence, failure to abide by Riverside safety codes and laws, and even through unforeseen tragic accidents. California law provides protection and restitution for people harmed in personal injury accidents and provides penalties and fines to insure the responsible party is held accountable for their actions or inaction.

When a personal injury occurs, an individual’s life can be dramatically altered. Permanent disability, prolonged pain and suffering may result from the injury and extensive, ongoing medical treatment and psychological therapies may be necessary. In these cases, the injured party needs to hold the responsible party accountable and look to help and guidance from Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers for representation.

<strong>Investigating Responsible Parties Of Personal Injuries </strong>
Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers investigate different types of personal injury claims. Pedestrian and car injuries, slip and fall injuries, workplace injuries, medical malpractice and many other types of personal injury claims are investigated to find out what role the other party played in the victim’s accident. The history of the individual, driver, property owner or business will be investigated to see if other personal injury claims have been leveled against them. If the lawyer finds evidence of past claims, they can find the person or company negligent of implementing proper safety procedures and precautions.

<strong>Investigating Property Maintenance</strong>
Another important part of investigating the personal injury claim is investigating the property where the accident took place. Making sure proper signage is in place, the building meets codes and safety regulations and that equipment is in proper working order play an important role in determining the responsibility and culpability in the accident.

<strong>Representing Injured Parties</strong>
People seeking to represent themselves in a personal injury claim may run into a lot of red tape and bureaucratic stalls from insurance companies and the responsible party themselves. In the best case scenario in a self representation case an insurance company may offer a one time, low ball settlement to the injured party that is not commensurate with their injury. A Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer will know if the settlement is fair and if it will cover all the expenses associated with the injury and subsequent recovery. Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers will fight to get victims the settlement they need and deserve to cover their expenses, time away from work and ongoing treatments.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a personal injury, then contact Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers to help you with your case and to get the compensation you deserve. Call today to get the representation you need for the settlement you deserve.

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