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Lake Elsinore Bus Accident Lawyers

Everyday, hundreds of Lake Elsinore residents rely on public transportation for schooling, grocery shopping and other vital activities. However, unfortunate factors such as poor mechanical maintenance and driver inattentiveness can tragically result in life-altering injuries, or even death, for passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers on the road.

Bus accidents can lead to serious bodily injuries such as broken bones and joints, a fractured skull, brain damage, paralyzing spinal cord injures, and severe internal bleeding. Such injures can lead to difficulty with walking, speaking and clear thinking, which can result in loss of wages and financial struggles. When a bus driver’s negligence leads to injures or death, naturally victims or family members want to hold the bus company responsible for all damages and look to Lake Elsinore Bus Accident Lawyers for legal assistance.

Bad Driving Records: Lake Elsinore Bus Accident Lawyers are highly experienced in investigating a large variety of public transportation fleets such as school and church buses, city and tour buses, and charter buses. We review all aspects of bus accidents, including whether or not the bus driver should be held accountable for the accident. The bus driver’s driving record is carefully reviewed to see if there have been previous bus or non-bus related accidents in the past. If the bus driver is found to have a poor driving record, the bus company can be sued for allowing such a driver to put more people in danger.

Bus Maintenance: A good bus company will make sure that their fleets are in good working order, regardless of the costs involved. Unfortunately, some companies would rather “pocket” extra money than spend it on annual maintenance fees. A failure to do periodic bus inspections can have an adverse effect on how the bus operates, putting passengers at risk for injury. If a bus company is found to be negligent in terms of proper maintenance, victims have the right to sue the company for damages.

Representing the Injured: Passengers who attempt to start legal proceedings without professional help may be setting themselves up for an unfair cash settlement. This is because some insurance companies use “red tape” to intimidate victims into not putting up a fight in terms of seeking full compensation. Lake Elsinore Bus Accident Lawyers are all too familiar with greedy insurance companies and can provide concrete evidence of negligence so that you can receive a fair settlement. A fair settlement will provide you with the income needed to pay for much-needed medical care and rehabilitation sessions to help you recover from your injures.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed as a result of a bus accident, Lake Elsinore Bus Accident Lawyers are here to help you collect all the necessary evidence so that a lawsuit will rule in your favor.

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