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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Colton Personal Injury Lawyers

If your personal injury case cannot be settled outside of court, you will need the help of Colton personal injury lawyers to help you form a lawsuit. You will have to include a complaint with this lawsuit. Your complaint will detail all of the damages that are associated with the personal injury case. After the lawsuit has been organized, it will be filed with your local court.

Serving the Lawsuit

After you have filed the lawsuit, it will be served to the other party that was involved in the personal injury accident. If the other party is a single person, the lawsuit can be delivered with the help of a process server. If the other party is an entire business an agent of that business will serve the lawsuit. However, if the other party that was involved with the personal injury accident is nowhere to be found, your Colton personal injury lawyers will be able to serve the lawsuit in the newspaper. This can only be done with the consent of the courts.

Asking Questions

Once the other party has received notice about the lawsuit, he or she will be able to send you written questions that you will have to answer. You have the right to send the other party your own set of written questions as well. However, it is important for you to remember that both parties have 30 days to answer these questions.

Everyone that is involved with the personal injury accident also has the freedom to ask questions in person. When both parties agree to ask questions in person, it will be done with a court reporter. Colton personal injury lawyers will be present and questions will be asked under penalty perjury.

The other party has the right to request that you be examined by a medical professional. After all of the requested examinations have been finished, a report will be made. Witnesses must be present for this examination.

Judicial Arbitration

Most personal injury cases will involve judicial arbitration. When a case goes to judicial arbitration, a third party that has nothing to do with the personal injury case will listen to evidence that both parties present. After hearing the case, the value of the case will be stated. Each party has 30 days to agree to the award.

Going to Court

If there is no other way to settle the personal injury case, Colton personal injury lawyers will have to help you take the case to a judge and jury. Each side has the right to examine all witnesses involved and provide various forms of evidence. In addition, each side will have an opening statement and a closing statement. After hearing everything that has to be said, the jury will decide on a verdict.

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