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San Clemente Pedestrian Accident Lawyers


In San Clemente, California, as everywhere else in the world, the safety of pedestrians is a major issue. People need to feel safe when crossing the street to get to where they need to go and thus rely on drivers to obey the rules of the road just as much as other drivers do. In the case that someone does violate auto safety rules, which happens thousands of times each year, the pedestrian needs to have recourse of the best sort in the form of a lawyer who will do everything in his or her power to obtain monetary and other compensation for the client.

<h2>The San Clemente pedestrian accident lawyer in action</h2>

<h3>Talking to those involved</h3>

The pedestrian lawyer talks to both the pedestrian and the negligent driver to find out exactly what has happened. He or she wants to know the following information:

<li>when and where the accident occurred</li>
<li>whether the driver showed any evidence of intoxication</li>
<li>what kind of driving record the driver has, including traffic tickets, arrests for drunken driving, etc.</li>
<li>in what condition the car was at the time of the accident, for instance if the brakes were faulty and the driver knew about it</li>
<li>whether the pedestrian is to any extent responsible for the mishap</li>
<li>how bad the injury was, what type of treatment was required to remedy it and how large the bill was</li>

<h3>Getting insurance information</h3>

Another important piece of information about which the attorney needs to know is the driver’s insurance policy, including what kind of coverage it provides (no-fault, medical payment or uninsured motorists’ coverage) and to whom it applies. The lawyer also wants to know if the driver intends to have his or her insurance policy pay the costs of this particular accident or has already done so, in which case any court action that ensues will be between the insurance company and the driver, with the struck pedestrian being entirely out of the picture.

<h3>Fighting for the rights of the client</h3>

The primary responsibility of the San Clemente pedestrian accident attorney is to do everything in his or her power to see to it that the victim of the injury receives all the compensation to which he is entitled. This means, above all, that the lawyer portray the victim in as sympathetic a light as possible in front of the jury. It also means providing every piece of evidence that points to the driver as the person who was responsible for the accident.

San Clemente pedestrian accident lawyers are always available to help you navigate your way through the red tape to the compensation you need.

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