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Call Santa Ana Pedestrian Accident Lawyers If You Have Been Involved In An Accident

The opportunities and challenges of being a pedestrian in Santa Ana grow every year. With nice weather, more people are outside partaking in activities such as walking or jogging. As more and more emphasis is placed on caring for the environment, more people use alternate methods of getting around town, which includes walking. More people out in the streets means a higher probability of accidents occurring. Another method of transportation that is better for the environment is hybrid or electric cars, which also present a challenge to pedestrians in that these vehicles are basically silent, so even more vigilance on the part of pedestrians and motor vehicle operators is required.

Right of Way

Twenty two percent of fatalities from traffic accidents in California involve pedestrians. This is a significant problem that requires attention. If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, it is worth taking the extra step and contacting Santa Ana Pedestrian Accident Lawyers today. The law is complex, and it can be unclear exactly how it might play out, but “right of way” generally ensures that the driver of the vehicle is responsible for obeying all traffic signs and cues, and must make every effort possible to yield to pedestrians.

Have You Been Injured?

If you are one of the hundreds of pedestrians involved in an accident in Santa Ana every year, please reach out for legal assistance. You might be entitled to damages and other compensation, and depending on the case, you might even be called as a witness to testify in a trial. Motor vehicle operators have an enormous responsibility to yield to pedestrians, but not all are as careful or abide by the law as they should. If you have had the unfortunate experience of being involved in, or even worse, seriously injured by, a motor vehicle and pedestrian accident, it is important to use all of the legal resources available to you.

Santa Ana Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Are Here To Help You

The bureaucracy created by insurance companies, or worse, an uninsured driver, can lead many people to abandon what is a rightful claim to damages or compensation from an irresponsible or careless driver. In the event you are involved in an accident as a pedestrian, it is important to understand that you have rights and responsibilities, and that there are avenues in which to pursue those claims. There are also many qualified experts at Santa Ana Pedestrian Accident Lawyers who can help you navigate these confusing avenues, and letting the experts wade through all of the legalese will help guarantee the best possible outcome for your pedestrian accident case.

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