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How do I select the best lawyer?

Finding the best personal injury lawyer, especially after an accident, can be a challenge. The sheer number of options available makes even things more complicated. There are attorneys who have their names on billboards while others don’t advertise their services. Likewise, some of the attorneys are found in high rise-buildings while others operate in strip malls. However, to find the best nyc personal injury lawyers you have to ask yourself some very critical question.

The most important thing is finding somebody you can rely upon. You don’t want to have attorneys whom you will second guess his or her ability throughout the case. You are most likely to get an attorney who is accountable and trustworthy if you use your existing network. There is nothing wrong reading through advertisements, but you should not use them as the sole criteria for making your decision. Basically, adverts will give you an idea about what various lawyers are specializing in.

In addition to the above, you should at least meet the prospective personal injury lawyer in persons. This will help you have a grasp of his experience, personality, his or her way of doing things. Actually, the meeting will allow both of you get answers to some of the most important questions. Often times, we rush when making important decisions affecting our lives. So, when someone comes with a stack of papers for signing, you ought to ask them critical questions. Here are the most important aspects to consider when choosing the right personal injury attorney.

Important aspects to consider


This is critical. A simple way of assessing integrity is checking if your potential attorney has violated ethics governing attorney conduct. Did you receive a card from emergency room staff or did the attorney or an agent approach you on the accident scene? If so, this is a red flag that the attorney does not obey the law, and you shouldn’t trust to represent you.


While experience alone cannot be used as the sole decision-making criteria, it would provide a way of distinguishing various attorneys. So, you should ask the attorney for other cases they have litigated which are similar to yours. An experienced personal attorney who has dealt with similar past cases may be in a good position to handle your case comprehensively. However, some experienced attorneys may also have a huge caseload and may not give you the necessary attention.


As mentioned above, you should have an attorney who is ready and available to answer your questions and give your case adequate attention. You don’t want someone who already too loaded or unavailable due to other reasons. Equally, you also don’t want to choose someone who appears to be always free.

Track record

You should look at reviews about a potential personal injury attorney. If an attorney doesn’t have a good reputation online and has not received recognitions from legal organizations such as Avvo, Super Lawyers, or The Better Business Bureau, then he or she may not be a good fit for your case.


You want an assurance that your nyc personal injury attorney has a state license to practice law. And if so, is the license currently active. Some states require attorneys to continue with legal education to keep the license active.

Regardless of where you find your attorney, you should ensure that the professional is somebody you can trust and have has good ratings at state and local bar association such as New York State Bar Association (NYSBA). If you consider the above factors when selecting your personal injury attorney, then you should have full confidence that he or she will represent your best interest. In most cases, the experience during your first contact with the attorney will help to get a feeling of how your relationship will be. At times, you need to trust your instincts.

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