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Should I give any insurance company a statement?

1 Nov 2016

For many people who have been involved in an auto accident, talking to insurance adjusters seems rather innocent. After all, if they have done nothing wrong, it can do no harm to talk about the accident. However, what many victims fail to realize is that the insurance company is setting a trap for them. Because the insurance company represents the person responsible for the accident, it is to the advantage of the insurance company to have a statement from you indicating it was you who were at fault for the accident. Due to the risks you may take by speaking with an insurance company, it’s imperative to utilize the services of a personal injury lawyer before giving a statement to anyone.

The Incentive for Insurance Companies
In situations such as these, an insurance adjuster will be friendly to an accident victim in hopes of gaining their confidence and trust. However, adjusters always have an ulterior motive in these cases. Since it is the job of the adjuster to make sure the company pays out as little money as possible for claims, they are naturally on the lookout for anything they can use to their advantage. For accident victims who make the mistake of speaking with adjusters who seem so nice and all too willing to help them, the results for their personal injury case are often catastrophic.

What Will Adjusters Do to Accident Victims?
During the course of a conversation with an adjuster, auto accident victims will unwittingly make numerous mistakes. For example, once a statement is given to an adjuster, they will compare it with previous statements given to police or during a deposition. As is often the case, they will be able to find minor inconsistencies within the statements, and when they do it is used to their full advantage. Rather than admit it is not unusual for some parts of statements to change over time as a victim retells the story over and over, insurance companies will instead claim the victim is lying, thus giving them reason to deny the claim. In other situations, adjusters will ask questions in ways that will trick victims into saying things that will damage their upcoming personal injury case, or may use intimidation tactics to bully victims into dropping their case altogether. But instead of going it alone in these situations and letting an insurance company intimidate you into dropping your case, let a personal injury lawyer protect you and your rights during this stressful time in your life. By having an attorney on your side who cares about you and is determined to see you get the full and fair compensation you deserve, insurance adjusters may find themselves as the ones who are intimidated.

If an accident victim has their case make it to trial, any statements given to insurance adjusters may come back to haunt them. During cross-examination, defense attorneys for those responsible for the accident will often get victims to contradict themselves on the witness stand, then use it as a way to convince a jury the victim’s case is nothing but lies. Due to this possibility, it’s imperative to speak with a personal injury attorney prior to saying anything to an insurance company. By being proactive about this, auto accident victims can ensure nothing they have previously said will be used against them during the trial, and that those who were negligent will be made to accept responsibility for their actions.

Contact an Attorney
Even though you have nothing to hide about the facts regarding your auto accident, do not let yourself be fooled by an insurance adjuster who acts as if they want the best results for you and your case. Despite their jokes and kind words, the fact is they are simply trying to coerce you into saying something they can use against you later on. Rather than fall prey to their tactics, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident and let them go to work for you. Working on a no-fee basis in most cases, these attorneys will require no money from you unless they win your case. Therefore, you can take advantage of their free consultation to tell your side of the story in a relaxed and safe environment. Instead of letting an insurance adjuster gain the upper hand, let your personal injury attorney take the fight to them instead. By doing so, you’ll have a greater chance of receiving the full and fair compensation you deserve.

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