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Should I Go To The Doctor If I’m Only “A Little Sore?”

23 Mar 2018

If you are just a little sore after being involved in a car accident, don’t think you will be fine in the morning and refuse medical assistance. The best thing that you can do after an automobile accident is get in that ambulance and to the hospital, it will be the best decision you make that will affect the case long into the future.

If you are wondering if you should go see a doctor after a car accident because you are only a little sore, here are some things to consider;

Hiding Injuries Caused By the Accident
As soon as things calm down after the accident, while the police are requesting you take the ambulance ride to the hospital, you might feel slightly sore at best and refuse help. What you don’t realize is that the adrenaline in your body is still coursing through your veins, and might do so for a few days. This unique defense mechanism that protects you is actually masking injuries you can’t feel yet. You could have fractured bones and never feel it for days from now.

Never refuse to be taken to the hospital because x-rays and the expert analysis of the physicians on duty can reveal health issues you are not feeling yet.

Getting to Medical Professionals Quickly
One of the reasons it is imperative you get to the hospital when the police request you get in the ambulance is because you could be dealing with severe injuries you still don’t feel yet. If you are suffering internal bleeding, every minute you let pass could put you in serious jeopardy. If you refuse help and later than night in bed it hits you, the damage could be so severe at that point that you not only risk your health, you risk losing a claim because you didn’t take action fast enough.

If you have questions at the scene of the accident, call any local personal injury lawyer and they will explain why it is imperative to your case and health you get to the hospital immediately.

Expert Physicians Identifying Trouble
One of the added benefits of working with a skilled personal injury attorney is that they have access to the best medical professionals in their respected fields. Once you check out of the hospital, you’ll be seeing the best doctors so they can further analyze your injuries. There are countless people who neglected to get medical help because they only felt a little sore, and years later it was discovered the vertebrae in their back were fractured from the crash, and now they have a broken back because of the weakened condition of the bones in their spine.

Your attorney has several physicians they work with that could spot conditions like this today and get you the treatment and compensation you deserve.

Holding the Insurance Company Accountable
Now that it has been determined you did in fact suffer more that just some slight soreness from the accident, it’s time to put all the pieces together in the case and present a settlement request to the faulty driver’s insurance company. Try doing this on your own and the lawyers for the insurance company will use decades of experience to discredit you and eliminate your claim.

Your attorney has the experience to not only fight the insurance company, but to win the huge cash settlements that provide for their customers well into their later years. This way, you will not run out of money when the injury is still causing you to seek medical help years from now.

As you can see now, getting to the doctor is the only way that you can prove the injuries you discovered later on were caused by the accident. Documenting the injuries early on will help you get compensation down the road in the form of a larger settlement check.

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