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23 Mar 2018

There is a difficult question that people must answer after they’ve been involved in a car accident. Should they go to the hospital or should they just try to deal with the pain on their own? In some cases, people struggle to answer this question because of the heavy costs involved. A ride in an ambulance can cost several thousand dollars. Being admitted into the emergency room can cost thousands more. Spending significant time in the hospital can lead to a five-figure bill at minimum. For people who are underinsured and undercapitalized, going to the hospital can be an expensive chore.

Still, if you have been injured, then going to the hospital is a must. When that accident is the fault of someone else, you may be able to recover all of the hospital costs. The first step prior to calling an attorney is to take care of your health.

Make use of the hospital when there’s any doubt
If you have any doubt about your health or wellness, then going to the hospital is a must. Before you even think about getting on the phone to your attorney, you should take care of any pressing, emergency health issues. For instance, if you have suffered a head injury, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. While the legal process will be important, your health is more important. Good personal injury attorneys will tell you that there is no life to protect if you fail to seek proper medical attention.

Keep specific records of all related costs
While you’re dealing with your health, you should at least keep in mind the underlying legal case that may occur in the future. This means keeping excellent records on everything you spend. While it will be easy to simply document the medical bills and hand them over to an attorney, this is not nearly enough. You’ll also want to document any incidental costs that may have arisen as a result of seeking medical attention. Beyond that, it pays to keep detailed notes of your pain and suffering. As you consult with doctors, keep track of how you were feeling and what they told you. When it comes time to take your case to court, you’ll be in much better position if you can document the sort of pain you were going through at the time.

What sort of recovery am I entitled to as a result of my accident?
If you’ve been in a car accident, then there are several forms of monetary recovery you may receive. Your attorney will fight first for compensatory damages. There are specific monetary damages that will be easiest to prove. For instance, if you have a $50,000 hospital bill, then you’ll be entitled to recovery if another driver was at fault in the accident. This is true even if your insurance company picked up the bulk of the bill on your behalf. In addition, your attorney will argue for recovery of last wages and loss of future earnings if your injuries took you out of work or deprived you of the chance to grow your career.

You will also be entitled to some damages for pain and suffering. While the civil legal system is not perfect in that it cannot take away the pain you have suffered, good lawyers can convince juries that your struggle is worth a specific dollar amount. How much you receive often depends on the extent of your injuries, the nature of the accident and just how experienced your lawyer is with these kinds of cases.

Ultimately it’s smart to take care of yourself after a car accident. Get all the medical help you need to get back on your feet. Just keep stringent notes and consult with a lawyer as soon as you feel able. Your attorney will be able to sort through the costs and help you gain a strong financial foothold in the wake of the accident.

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