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Should I take pictures at the accident scene?

An automobile accident can be a life-changing event. The reality is that what you do, or what is done, in the immediate aftermath of an automobile accident can have a significant impact on your future.

One important activity that must occur, whenever possible, is properly documenting the accident scene. In this regard, you may wonder whether you should take pictures at the accident scene, of have them taken for you. In simple terms, the direct answer to the questions is “yes.”

Video the Accident Scene

While appropriate pictures of an accident scene can prove to be vitally helpful in regard to a claim for injuries and damages, the reality is that a video can prove to be even better. With the ubiquitous availability of mobile devices that record videos, videoing an accident scene in the direct aftermath of a collision has never been easier to accomplish.

When it comes to making a video, or taking photos, of an accident scene, a number of factors must be borne in mind. First, a video of the totality of an accident scene should be taken from all possible angles. This provides a much needed perspective of the accident scene and provides useful insights regarding how the case occurred.

Second, once the vantage-point video images are made, the focus needs to zoom in a bit more to provide a bit more detail on the tableau. Finally, a close up video should be made of the various aspects of the damage caused by the collision itself. This includes close-ups on the damage caused to all of the vehicle involved in the accident.

Third, if at all possible, a video should be made of you and your injuries at the scene of the accident. The necessity for prompt medical intervention may prevent this type of videoing. However, if it is at all possible, this type of video can prove highly compelling in a claim or lawsuit associated with a car accident.

You may be in not position to video or photograph the scene. However, odds are strong that someone at the scene will be able to accomplish this task for you, whether it be someone in your car or someone else at the scene of the accident.

Videos of Witnesses

Another key task that needs to be accomplished in the aftermath of an accident is identifying witnesses. In addition, complete contact information needs to be collected regarding witnesses as well. Finally, a statement from each witness should also be obtained as circumstances permit.

The best way to gather this type of data in this day and age is utilizing some sort of mobile device to make a video. Notes should also be taken as a backup.

In most instances, in this day and age, a majority of people will not object to being videoed about what they witnessed in regard to an accident. Indeed, odds are they will consider it part of their civic duty to be cooperative in this type of situation.

Post-Accident Videos

The video process associated with a car accident cannot end on the day of the accident. A key area in which the video process must continue is in regard to any injuries you have sustained. For example, you may end up with stitches, a cast, or some other kind of medical device following an accident. Obtaining a visual in the form of a video regarding what you experienced following an accident in this regard can be very helpful in making your claim or in winning a lawsuit.

Retain a Car Accident Lawyer

In order to ensure that you properly document everything associated with an accident and your injuries, you are best served by being as proactive as possible in retaining the services of an experienced car accident lawyer. You should begin seeking out a capable attorney directly after an accident.

Keep in mind that a personal injury lawyer who represents car accident victims is not likely to charge you a fee for an initial consultation. During the appointment, he or she will explain the essential elements of a personal injury case arising from an automobile accident.

Taking a proactive approach to engaging legal representation is also helpful in ensuring that your case properly is documented. For example, if their are holes in the documentation of an accident scene, your attorney can engage experts that can fill in these gaps as necessary. For example, if videos or photos are limited, a forensic expert and provide a reconstruction of the accident scene as a means of boosting your case.

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