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South Pasadena Bus Accident Lawyers

Many Victorville residents make the convenient and cost-effective choice of utilizing buses rather than driving their own vehicles. While they may save money, this choice forces them to put their lives in the hands of others. Every year, more than 20,000 people in the United States are injured in bus accidents.

Bus accidents often result from either bus-driver negligence or a lack of bus maintenance. Whatever the cause, bus companies are legally obligated to exhibit “care and diligence” regarding their passengers, and when they fail to do this, injured passengers should turn to Victorville bus accident lawyers for guidance.

<strong>Investigating police report</strong>
Bus accidents in Victorville are subject to police investigation the same as any other motor vehicle accidents are. A Victorville bus accident lawyer will examine these police reports to find evidence of potential negligence on the part of the bus driver. The lawyer might find in the report evidence suggesting that the driver was in some way distracted and, therefore, at fault for the accident.

A lawyer will also check into the driving history of the bus driver in question. Bus companies can be held liable if they knowingly allow a person with a history of bad driving to continue operating their vehicles.

<strong>Examining bus maintenance</strong>
Part of the “care and diligence” that bus companies must exhibit is ensuring that their buses are safe for passengers. A Victorville bus accident lawyer will examine a bus company’s records to determine whether or not the vehicles were inspected regularly. Buses travel significant distances each day, and if not routinely serviced, an unrepaired vehicle can cause a crash.

<strong>Representing injured passengers</strong>
Many bus companies have insurance carriers with far more experience than the average injured passenger in dealing with personal injury matters. Passengers attempting to recover compensation to help offset their medical bills and potential lost wages because of time spent in recovery may have a difficult time on their own. Many of them might find that insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible simply because most people do not know whether or not a settlement is fair. Victorville bus accident lawyers have their clients’ best interests in mind, and they work hard to ensure injured passengers receive the compensation they deserve.

Under the California statute of limitations, a person injured in a bus accident has two years to file a claim if the bus company is privately owned. However, that time is reduced to six months for cases involving city buses. If you or anyone you know was injured in a bus accident, do not hesitate to contact Victorville bus accident lawyers to get the help you need in securing a settlement.

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