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State Laws And Education Pertaining To Fatigued Driving

1 Aug 2017

There are many different types of driving that can cause grave injury to other drivers. Most people are more familiar with distracted driving, which has become a crime in many different states. Fatigued driving, while not making it into many state statutes, still causes its fair share of accidents over the years. New York especially has made a push to increase awareness of fatigued driving consequences and then list recommendations for how to avoid driving while in this unfortunate state.

While it’s true that many drivers are forced to drive while fatigued, either because of their work hours or because they drive for a company that sets these hours, there’s never a good excuse to get behind the wheel of a car when you’re suffering from massive sleep derivation. Criminal laws might not have caught up to this kind of driving yet, but civil penalties for causing horrific injuries to other drivers while driving fatigued can and should carry a stiff financial penalty.

State Laws And Education Pertaining To Fatigued Driving

Commercial driving rules have stiffened for those drivers who attempt to go on after they are tired. Companies can pay a hefty penalty, too, if they have drivers on the road who are clearly fatigued. It’s up to a personal injury law firm to see to it that commercial and non-commercial drivers are held accountable after they cause an accident due to driving while fatigued. In instances where companies are to blame for the accident, the compensation amounts can be quite large, and rightfully so. With the new rules in place, there’s no excuse for a company willfully breaking those rules and causing danger on the road.

Commercial driving operations understandably have a higher burden than regular everyday drivers. Because of the fact that they earn a profit from the use of roadways, and their profit depends on roadways, it’s natural to hold them to a higher standard than a regular driver. That doesn’t mean an individual driver doesn’t have a standard to follow either though. Fatigued driving that causes an accident is negligent driving and proving that a driver drove fatigued willfully makes winning a case that much easier.

Victims of fatigued driving can suffer all of the injuries or loss of life that victims of other forms of negligence suffer from. They may suffer fatal injuries, leaving families to hold the offending driver accountable. Other drivers may get whiplash, suffer broken bones, endure long and costly medical procedures, and many more unpleasant things that no human being should ever have to go through because someone else didn’t care enough to refrain from driving while fatigued. It’s our job to see to it that justice is done in your case.

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